[2016-05-06] CRI-J twitter

[Daebak support] Today “Team JKS☆JP” is supporting coffee truck! Actor Jang who has lonely eyes, please have a coffee and hang in there with ‘Daebak’ staff!!
[대박 서포트] 오늘은 “Team JKS☆JP”에서 커피차를 서포트 하였습니다! 애틋 눈빛작렬 장배우님 커피드시고 대박 스텝분들 힘내세요!!

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4 thoughts on “[2016-05-06] CRI-J twitter”

  1. Hi Priya,I have the same feeling as you when I first noticed and getting to like him I do think he got a pair of lonely eyes but beautiful though .in some of his interviews he did mentioned lonelliness he look cheerful but may be deep inside he is lonely please please don’t feel lonely all your fans will be heartbroken you got millions of fans to support and Love you one day you will find the right one your princess Love you always and support you till the end Fighting and just be yourself


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