[ENG-SUB] Daebak Food truck support “Gift Revealed & Interview”_20160403

Original video credit: JKS Official Fanclub Cri-J
English Translation: Hazy (ECI)
Timing & Hardsub: Pei (ECI)

Dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k6Jn8EtAmvh5eHho2JJ

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25 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Daebak Food truck support “Gift Revealed & Interview”_20160403”

  1. Thank You very much for sharing this video with translation.. Finally i know what’s he talking about. Actor Jang and Daebak Team please don’t be hurt..hope you always in the good condition despite the hard working environment. Fighting!!!!

  2. Fighting Sukkie & team!!!
    A part I don’t understand…y does the script needs the character to have swollen lips?? Lol! Anyways..the drama is awesome!! Fighting!!!

    • I think he doesn´t mean it literally, Eve! He just want to say that the filming of some scenes from the script has been really hard. His lips were swollen because of something that happened during the filming. Someone says it was because of the cold weather, some other says he was injured. So he just mentions that.

      • ahhh…i see…thanks for explaining Zoe! now that explains why he looks a little different in some scenes…tough filming period…kudos to Sukkie! and we eels will continue to give our utmost support!! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for your efforts to make this English subbed video and sharing it!!
    It’s so great to know what JKS said in the interview!! (≧∇≦)b
    I translated your English subs into Japanese and posted it to my Ameblo.
    Here’s the link: https://t.co/x7nqX5W06q

    • Yayoi,
      I’m actually very awed and grateful to YOU for YOUR efforts to share the English translation here and translate it to Japanese eels!
      So eels are all the same, we just want to share with each other, regardless of race or language, what our Suk said.

      • Wow, it’s so nice to hear your words!! Thank you so much!!
        I’do love to share what JKS says as much as I can.
        He’ll come to Japan for concerts in July after Daebak finishes.
        I’ll try to translate his words at the concerts into English as much as possible, and hope to post here to share!
        Please anticipate!! (≧∇≦)b

      • Yayoi,

        That would be great!!!
        He normally share so much more during his shows.

        Already anticipating!

  4. Despite my best in the drama of the shooting it was good to have become a little energy in the gift from the fans so that will be a good work to overcome luck in the future

    • Don’t you think that he’s much more handsome here than in the drama? And I always fell he’s much more handsome in BTS than in drama. Don’t get mistaken, he’s very handsome in all dramas (point: 10), but how can he be beyond 10 points in BTS and inverviews?

      • Yes, Garrett, you are right,I always watch a BTS-DVD first when I buy his DVDs. 😀 He is multitalented, hardworking and amazing at everything he does, but I think his personality is a main reason we all love him so much.

      • I got your point. Yes.. He’s more more handsome in bts or interviews than in drama (even though he’s always handsome in everywhere lol). Maybe because in bts and interviews we can see the real JKS, he’s not portrays as somebody else but himself. With charming personality like that how come we’re not to love him? I’m getting love him more and more every time I watch or read his bts or interviews.. He’s just so smart and honest. I just re-run a few of his ZikZin Radio, and I just loving it.. It feels like he let’s us his eels to know him better, to be close to him. What I like the most about him is his honesty, he never hide behind the mask..he always be himself. He really knows what he want and never afraid to say and pursue it.. I really adore this kind attitude of him

  5. Hi Yayoi,it’s so nice to know that you are going to translate his words at the concerts into English as I mentioned before I bough some of his DVD of his concerts esprecially the one Live in Japan 2015 without any English sub he talk quite a lot during the show I know it must be very interesting if I can understand what he talking about I can only looking at his expressions and the feedback from the fans Thx again Yayoi in advance Hello to all JKS fans Happy Mother’s Day to mother fans and to JKS’ mother Love you all

    • Hi, teresakwokys! Thank you for your message.
      I understand what you mean!
      It’s kind of sad to watch JKS’s DVDS without English subs, not knowing exactly what he says.

      I really hope Japanese DVD publisher (changed from Pony Canyon to Universal Music) will sub JKS’ DVDs in English, but very sorry to tell you they won’t. (´;ω;`)

      When JKS has some kinds of events, I usually translate tweets from eels who attend the events on my twitter.
      Then later I compile those English translated tweets in my blog, or post it here.

      If you’re interested, please follow my twitter account @yachan19870804 https://twitter.com/yachan19870804
      Not only for special events but also everyday interesting or important JKS related info, I tweet in both English and Japanese. ( *ˆ﹀ˆ* )

  6. Hi morning Yayoi and everyone thx so much for your attention and the understandings JKS is a world Prince he has fans all over the world and we don’t speak the same language so English translation would be more easy. I can feel that you’re not only concerned about JKS but also to our JKS fans too we should all follow your attitudes towards him and to all his fans ,can let us know him more understand him more Love him more. Please keep up your good works we all appreciate it thank you again have a good day

    • Thank you so much! (≧∇≦)b
      Your encouraging words made my day!!
      I will go Zikzin for JKS and his eels, my lovely friends all over the world!!
      Let’s\(≧∇≦*)/にゃー! Let’s\(≧∇≦*)/goー!! ( *´艸`)


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