[Pics] Daegil from ‘Daebak’ episode 12

Credit: SBSNOW twitter


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1 thought on “[Pics] Daegil from ‘Daebak’ episode 12”

  1. Watching Episode 12 has been truly enjoyable for me. The bromance has finally started and is more obvious in this episode. Added to that, there are many feel-good scenes of Dae Gil with Seol Im and Grandpa. She’s simply endearing, and I can understand why Grandpa likes her instantly. Poor Dae Gil has to keep denying that they’re in a relationship LOL.

    The introduction of another character, played by Hong Ah-reum as Golsa’s daughter, also makes this episode interesting. I find her acting impressive despite her brief appearance. Keun Suk and her really shine in their scenes together. Waiting impatiently for Monday’s episode teaser!


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