7 thoughts on “Thoughts on ‘Daebak (The Royal Gambler)’ Episode 10”

  1. The scene of the birth of the great tiger.. OMG..it was so wonderful. Beautiful scenery, beautiful man and beautiful music..yeeah it’s a feast for us eels! I hold my breath while watching that scene!

    • No, she’s not. That dead body was not her. Don’t worry. So you can see she said good bye to Lee In Jwa.

  2. I felt a little hurt (for our prince) with the scenes of dam seo and little brother but i was glad Dam Seo took Daegil’s name in her unconsciousness… Just hoping a sweet love story for our PRINCE tomorrow… The scene when our “tiger” left his teacher was very emotional.. And i really want to see daegil and chae gyun’s bromance again.. At the last when prince said he is a human not a beast make him a very unique warrior.. And i love daegil more for that. Thankyou for an intensed review…

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