20 thoughts on “Thoughts on ‘Daebak (The Royal Gambler)’ Episode 9”

      • Farina if you were not that big a wimp and go watch the snake scene AND the bts of that scene – you would swoon big time too.

        He was so great – really Oscar winning performance for that scene

  1. Thank you, Siew Hin. Always love reading your thoughts on Sukkie…Kkkk.

    No waterfall scene, but he gets to meet both mom and dad, and he looks so cool when he fights. A lot of amazing scenes.I love that scene when Dam Seo is hurt, and he suddenly appears, hits the guards with the fist, and takes her away. Oh, our poor eels hearts!! And that part when he meets his mom… I cry every time ;_;

  2. So Siew Hin, you were too worried what will come for u in ep 9 but you got the bestest of all the best episodes to review… Congrats… I liked it the most when u say “Handsome Daegil” everytime… ooooh u can use any adjective for our MAN… cute, heroic… <3 <3 <3 n n I must say i too would like to be shot with even a hundred arrows if our PRINCE DAEGIL is going to save me. Thanku sooo much.. Eels recapping is the best…

    • Eve,
      (the same Eve that drew our ECI banner?)

      I’m very sure every eel who watch every episode of Daebak has thought of how handsome Daegil loos!

  3. love your thoughts sis, especially those side comments it made me smile, eels really share same thoughts.. it shows how much we love our prince..

  4. Thank you for such a lively and enjoyable review, Siew Hin!

    What a relief Handsome Dae Gil [may I borrow your Suk-adjective kkk?] does not have to go through brutal beatings and torture from now on – hopefully! My favourite scenes from Episode 9 include the first-ever encounter between Dae Gil and the King, his biological father. I could hardly breathe when the fearsome King asked {ordered?] him to come even closer, and when the King slowly picked up his royal sword!

    Another scene that I liked was when Dae Gil met his mother for the first time too. I felt as though it was like a touching family reunion after years apart from each other. I also liked the scene where Dae Gil met Dam Seo while trying to hide from the Royal Guards. Did anyone notice that our Suk’s hand almost covered Lim Ji Yeon’s face? The 3rd OST “I Want to Love You” was heard for the first time in the drama during the brief and sad encounter of Dae Gil and Dam Seo.

  5. Nothing beats the ” … I would willingly get hit by a thousand arrows just to have Baek Daegil tend to my wounds with those sexy sexy hands of his!”
    Its so realistic coz its everbodys eels dream!!! I so love ur thoughts Siew!! Daebak!

  6. ss Siew Hin,
    Thanks for your writing. I love Daegil more with your description.
    He is a hero and so handsome. ^^


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