[2016-04-29] CRI-J twitter

[Daebak support] Today “Busan ordinary eels” is supporting coffee truck!
Daegil Actor Jang, zikzin to be a big tiger!! Fighting!!

[대박 서포트] 오늘은 “부산경상장어”에서 커피차를 서포트 하였습니다! 대길 장배우님 대호되는 날까지 직진!! 화이팅!!

[Daebak support] This evening “Daegil Love” is supporting coffee truck!
Great (Daebak) actor! Great drama! Great production team! Fighting!!

[대박 서포트] 오늘저녁은 “대길사랑”에서 커피차를 서포트 하였습니다! 대박배우! 대박드라마! 대박제작진! 화이팅!!

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1 thought on “[2016-04-29] CRI-J twitter”

  1. My Sugar is such a beloved man. We can tell by the mural supports he got from people all over the world, and now more obvious from his Korean fans. He is now becoming a real tiger, my Sweetie Tiger.


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