[2016-04-28] @Galssam2 twitter

Sudden flash back of memory
While watching drama ‘Daebak’

갑자기 추억이 생각나네

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10 thoughts on “[2016-04-28] @Galssam2 twitter”

  1. he is one of the dancers/choreographer who works with JKS..this pic shows that he is trying to peel off JKS plaster on his chin after the concert in Taipei!! LOL!

  2. hi Eve eel you are really a loyal fan of JKS can remember all the details of his shows you must have repeatedly watching them i am doing the same and can help me passing time so happily lets all support him till the end Love him always

    • LOL! Thanks teresakwokys…actually *smiles sheepishly* I’ve only been a fan since 3 months ago when I chance upon Bel Ami & since then I have been loading myself on all sorts of information on JKS daily and also watched all his dramas and movies multiple times…
      I am also very thankful that i found Aphrael’s blog, which is where I can find ALOT of translated news and videos of JKS…JKS said it right, once we are addicted to him we can’t run away! it’s entirely true and i’m totally engrossed!
      Kinda regretted that I only noticed him after so long though & missed his fan meeting & concert in SG…coz i’m really impressed at all his hardwork and what he has been through after more than 25yrs in showbiz…he is one true star that deserves all the attention and love…
      YES!! let’s all support him till the end!!

      • Really only 3 months!!! I thought you were “EVE” who designs beautiful banners for our prince… Amazed that u know a lot in a few span. JGS deserves eels like u all. I have been a fan for 10 months and i just feel blessed to have got this blog and am totally glad to have met so many wonderful people (eels) here. Completely ready to love and support JKS forever…. ZIKZIN

  3. Sorry for the confusion! i wish i have the creative juice like Creative EVE has!! but i’m just ‘brain-damaged-by-JKS’ Eve…LOL!


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