[article] Eels express their love for Jang Keun Suk, the newspaper contains your love

We posted an article issued in one of the biggest Chinese newspapers ‘The Beijing News’ before. This post is the continued report shared by Wen Lee of ECI members. I will share Wen’s supplemental comment below as well.

Credit: Wen Lee from ECI
On Friday, 20160422, Beijing News Entertainment Section carried a full page article featuring eels who expressed their love Jang Keun Suk.

On Weibo, these are the Beijing News Entertainment Editorial’s words:
‘Fun Entertainment Fans’ Shop’ is now open! Don’t you all think it’s very nice?! Thank you all for your enthusiastic participation! This paper hopes that there will be more variety to this type of events such as writing poems to your idol! Make posters! Make expressions! Make your messages poetic, cute, fun, best is to keep it short! Unless your thousands of words can convince all of us here then we will let you have the full page! It’s very simple. We don’t want the same long stories, we only want fans – that is you – to really open up and have fun! In the future, we would have certain formats and requirements for this type of events, hope that it will be more and more brilliant! At least the first issue looked really good!
Eels, are you happy with it? Lastly, to participate in future events as such, please follow our WeChat ID ‘新京报Fun娱乐’, we will give you opportunity to express your love to your idol!

Below is the introduction section of the article:
Original source: The Beijing News: C16 FUN Entertainment Fans’ Shop (HTML version) (e-version)
No.1: Jang Keun Suk
‘Eels express their love for Jang Keun Suk, the newspaper contains your love’

English translation: Wen Lee from ECI
Photo credit as tagged

Hello, Fun Entertainment Fans’ Shop is officially ‘opened’ today. We are not selling rice noodles (note: playing on words, in Chinese, the word ‘fans’ rhythms with the words ‘rice noodles’), Fans’ Shop is because of the existence of fan girls and fan boys. The older readers might query, what is ‘fan girls & fan boys’. Simply it is another name for fans, usually referring to fans who are more fanatical. Recently, Beijing News did some interviews with fresh actors like Shue xx and Hwang xx, we have noticed that fans’ responses had been very enthusiastic. They reacted by reposting articles, left messages, purchasing newspapers etc. This gave an idea to the editorial uncles and aunties – since fans are so devoted, we will prepare a full page for you!

It happened like this. Last Thursday (14th April), our paper’s entertainment section cover reported about Jang Keun Suk’s come back TV drama ‘The Royal Gambler’ (Jackpot/Daebak). And then someone called ‘韩影书’ on Weibo brought this to others’ attention, even prepared a Long Weibo with the cover and content of the e-version, uploaded for netizens who couldn’t purchase the newspaper.
At the same time, the article was translated into English for overseas netizens. Could also see reposting on SNS in Japanese language.
Apparently, those who could purchase the paper, started buying and buying at the newspaper stands! The editor also saw a lot of fans were so cute taking photos with their purchased papers and expressing their love. A netizen in Guangzhou, after receiving her paper posted by an eel from Beijing, said she would organise a gathering to read the paper, hahaha, it’s such great ‘love’.

Below are eels’ expressions of love for Jang Keun Suk:
释义: Koreans think that eating eels can give them energy hence Jang Keun Suk call his fans ‘eels’, because his fans can give him energy.

北斗玉衡JKS: Haha, I have bought the papers, I bought 10, the paper stand only got one left. I’ve taken photo as prove, just to let you have a taste first. My speed and passion! (Photo credit: 北斗玉衡JKS)

YingEr双鱼爱JKS: a rewarding afternoon (Photo credit: YingEr双鱼爱JKS)

Suy要一直ZIKZIN: Early in the morning, saw on Weibo eels said today’s Beijing News has a full page of my Oppa’s news. I went straight to the subway newspaper stand, snapped up all the papers from the 5 paper stands, bought 42 papers. If it wasn’t because I had to go to work and it’s too heavy, I would have bought more. The paper stand owner was dumbfounded, asked why I bought so many, I said it’s because of Jang Keun Suk. Yes, right, because of you, it’s worth it. (Photo credit: Suy要一直ZIKZIN)

张根兔: I must have got addicted. Everytime I walk past the newspaper stand, I would ask if they have Beijing News on the 14th? Today, I finally got another 8. The paper stand owner even said he could help me look for it from other paper stands, could get another 30. If any eel needs it, I will go and place order! He’s great! (Photo credit: 张根兔)

HGLGSS: Received newspaper sent from eel in Beijing. Feel so lucky, I’m very happy. So lucky, so happy. (Photo credit: HGLGSS)

Suy要一直ZIKZIN: Because my Oppa became ambassador for Van Gogh, I went to learn oil painting for the first time in my life. I have drawn Van Gosh’ ‘Sky’.

汉萍: I am a grandmother fan. I’ve liked JKS for 7 years. Seen him from an actor and becoming the super star he is today through sheer hard work. He often repays with his hard-earned wealth helping those in need. He’s full of positive energy, is worth following. Since I started liking him, I’ve been infected with his positive and happy nature. I’m also like a young woman, watching videos everyday, going to his concerts, I feel much younger. What I’m proud of is, I’ve learned to vote on computer and various difficult computer skills. Hahah!

Zikzintoo: Because I like JKS, I learnt English, Japanese & Korean languages. I learned to do screencaps, photoshop & make GIFs; filming, editing & making videos; translations and reading overseas nets; shopping agent and film critic; I work harder so I get more & more pay, using it for my dreams; buying same style products, buying music albums, follow him, whenever he says go I go.

猪兔仙_cri: Your eyes can speak, I understand it. Your mouth can move, I understand. Your smile can emit electricity, I’m electrocuted. Your sincerity can be touching, I have followed. Your work can be hard, I’m with you. When you’re happy, we feel fortunate. You have to be happy, then we will be happy. Will follow you eternally without sound without rest, support your forever without complaint without regret.

夏婧文: JKS, when I’m 80 years old, I will tell my grand children, you’re my idol, see I’ve got good taste.

Bkpunkmimi: thank you Beijing News for reporting the truth about JKS! You are brave in your reporting, a newspaper one can trust! JKS is a very professional actor, is also a very good singer & MC. He is also a philanthropist. Using his passion, keenness, sincerity, dedicated to his ating role. He always put in twice the effort in whatever he does.

Memories: JKS really acts with his life, can see in the drama he ate a life snake, really admirable. He’s always worked hard doing what he wanted to do. Although fans feel heartache for him but got to give him lots of praise him for it.

HOPEZR: Since I started to like JKS suddenly from 30th Oct 2011, without knowing it’s already 1629 days. It’s because of him I got through my most difficult time, because his smile can warn one’s heart. Now, I am bright, positive, happy, all because of a person called JKS.

第一老千→白大吉: Oppa, you have been working hard filming lately, remember to eat more nutritious food. You said you will finish filming in June, in July you will have concerts in Japan, after that you probably will enter military service? Oppa, please don’t worry, during your military service, we will wait for you. Also, you must look after yourself, eat well, sleep well, don’t let us worry, ok?

Cri_筱莫: For me, you are far-reaching. For me, you are unreal. I will do anything for you, I will not regret it. You are the reason I can’t sleep at night, you are mine. No, you are not mine…my love for you is only one-sided. [END]

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10 thoughts on “[article] Eels express their love for Jang Keun Suk, the newspaper contains your love”

  1. Wow…my heart fluttered all of this messages 🙂 the Power of Eel’s Love for Oppa JKS is really DAEBAK 😉 😀

  2. These are like love letters for our prince.I always think how my prince must be feeling all these yrs if me as an eel is so hurt as he is always being neglected despite being the best in everything. But now i understand he has his energy boost always “his eels”. Eels love u so much my dear… sooo happy… I have too gone through a lot frm my childhood. After loving you since last year i have forgot all my tears, all my shattered drms of my past 21 yrs. Now I have a new dream all bcoz of u my love. Always be happy coz i dont want to be hurt anymore… Love u always….

  3. Thanks for sharing this article with us^^ I can’t stop smiling while reading this but my eyes keep teary. It’s just simply beautiful… Jang Keun Suk and his Eels! The prince who’s always giving the best of him just to make his fans happy and proud. And Eels who always there to love and support him no matter what.. The bound beetwen him and eels has always been amazing..

  4. The moment I saw him in Pretty Man I knew he is the actor I want to play the main role for my drama I write the script will be ready hopefully next year but if he goes to the army it will wat for him .Hope he will like it. Love all he did and does .If it is true all its written in the media then “You Are an outstanding person Jks. Zikzin!

  5. Thanks for translation, it’s so great that the newspaper reported Jang Keun Suk with truth and correct information. That’s why eels are so “crazy” hopefully keep copies for memories! Touched by eels love messages, it’s so sure that Sukkie will get energy and zikzin together!

  6. after reading all the articles written by the fans it was so touching and so meaningful,they showed all the love and concern for our idol i wonder can he see it or come to his attention or did anyone pass the message to him or does he have the time to read ,i mean from all over the world since he is the World Prince 。Love you always

  7. Thanks ss,
    We are really lucky and happy because we are Eels of Suk.
    Jang Keun Suk is always a Pioneer in many fields, Eels are the same.
    Eel- CriJ is the first fanclub receives a special award.
    We support and following Suk forever. Zizkin ^^

  8. We really are on the right track loving and supporting this man Suk!
    Will forever be proud that I am one of those crazy eels swimming continuously to support one man.

    Thanks Tenshi for that screen shot of my post in page IG.
    Feel proud seeing it here!

    Kudos to you for all the efforts being done!

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