[article] Jang Keun Suk “Looking forward to 30s” (pictorial interview)

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Original source: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=415&aid=0000001532
English translation: Hazy from ECI

Wearing school uniform in an advert, exuding the style of a teenager, this seems like yesterday, and now Jang Keun Suk is turning 30. Still bearing the smile that makes people feels good, and the steadiness seen from his eyes as we conduct the interview, we can feel he has grown up. As the images of the Mnet Produce 101 girls surfaced, he would provide words of advice, listening to him say how he looks forward to turning 30, watching his longing expression, makes one confused. The intriguing line between youth and man, Jang Keun Suk is probably somewhere there.

Q: Have not had a photoshoot for a while, how does it feel?
▲ The filming crews were all very friendly so I felt at ease. The shooting was done by Jo Sun Hi, whom I have worked with and has good chemistry with, so I have nothing to worry about.
Q: Feels like your chemistry with Jo Sun Hi has further improved
▲ With her, I only need to look at the expression of her eyes to get the cue. Similarly, with one glance, she will know my condition, what angle or expressions will look better for me, I could also through the lenses, just listening to her voice, looking at her expressions know if she was satisfied with the shots. We have come a long way and will continue working together.
Q: I want to express the holiday of Jang Keun Suk through a lazy spring day
▲ The concept, has not been adopted for a while, so the effect turns out good. The focus for pictorial shooting is usually on the eyes, which give a strong feeling. Today’s filming is very line with this season, similar to the weather now, portraying the lazy, quiet atmosphere, really great.
Q: Currently being Rep Jang in Mnet Produce 101, it has been a hot topic recently
▲ The topic of “Produce 101” is everywhere, everyone who meets me will ask me some questions about “Produce 101”, it’s amazing.
Q: Did you expect it to be so popular?
▲ I expected “Produce 101” to be a hot topic but never expected it to be so popular. The audiences could remember the names of so many trainees, I think that is really amazing.
Q: You didn’t go through a long period of time as a trainee, how do you empathize with them?
▲ Trainee days? In fact I feel like a trainee currently too. Even as an actor, it is a continuous period of waiting. Often waiting for a good drama to appear. The role of an actor is to continuously work hard for the audience, and then receives recognition or critics from the public. So that is the similarity and I could empathize with them.
Q: Reason why you do not avoid (giving) harsh critics?
▲ I did? (laugh)
Q: “Please quit” are pretty harsh comments
▲ Ah (laugh). The program is a valuable opportunity for some. It is better for one to quit than to do for the sake of doing. There are many team assignments, it will bring inconvenience to others if one slacks and lacks discipline. I only said what is necessary. Often I will reflect if I had said anything too harsh when the show is broadcast.
Q: You mentioned to the trainees in one of the classes, you started being an actor to earn money, why is that so?
▲ The lines were edited when it was broadcast. What I meant to say was, regardless of what one does, the motivation is very important. I was really in need of money hence became a child actor. Yet, it was precisely the clear and solid motivation that completed the “me” today. “I have to be an actor, nothing but an actor”, the importance is not limited to just the motive. Although “money” was the initial drive, but many goals were created in that process, and with that shaped many more opportunities.
Q: Watching the trainees closely from your perspective, what do you think is the most important criteria?
▲ In fact, everyone worked very hard in their singing and dancing skills, which is good. However, the nature of this program is such that the audiences are the judges, hence dramatic elements and coordination is important. Everyone worked very hard and is pretty. The viewers will want to see something more realistic which they can relate to. Hence, those who seemingly not done well in the evaluation may unexpectedly turn out to be noticeable.
Q: What is the main difference between the trainees who were eliminated vs those who remained?
▲ It’s timing. The difference between those who were eliminated and those who remained isn’t significant. Of course people differ, but most have done their best. However opportunities do not come at the same time. For those who gained popularity through this program, this is a wonderful opportunity; those who regrettably got eliminated will have their new opportunities elsewhere.
Q: The remaining trainees, is that within your expectation?
▲ Well, so far, yes (laugh)
Q: You are the only guy amongst the female trainers, is there any inconvenience?
▲ Absolutely not. You know, everyone is tougher than me. I probably rely more on them. Wahaha.
Q: You are the lead actor in SBS March Mon-Tue drama “Daebak”, PD Nam Gun has high expectation of you
▲ I was surprised reading the article. I am very grateful; PD used the phrase “got a bonus”. I told myself I have to work harder on this role.
Q: Working with seniors such as Jun Kwang-Ryul, Choi Min-Soo
▲ They are seniors whom I have never worked with, so I felt nervous. I thought acting will be difficult. However, turns out they are like big brothers. They treat me like a younger brother.

Q: There is much anticipation filming with 20 year old Yeo Jin Goo
▲ He feels like an older brother at times. He has a very handsome voice. Haha, although he is 10 years my junior, but there isn’t any obvious gap between us, we have become close friends.

Q: So what has changed after turning 30?
▲ I, actually look forward to turning 30. Being a man, an actor, 30 is an attractive age. Felt more at ease compared to in my 20s. I will never do things I didn’t like to in my 20s, but now I will get rid of such selfish thought, that is the main difference.

Q: The long acting journey could be tiring too, have you thought of taking other jobs?
▲ Having been an actor, I have never thought of other occupations. I have many dreams prior to being an actor, but having chosen this profession as an actor, I have put my whole heart into it. I believe it will remain the same.

Q: Are you still into DJ-ing these days
▲ Have been busy filming SBS “Daebak”, all my time is spent on reading scripts and filming.

Q: Almost at the age of marriage, hearing you speak it appears you will be a daughter’s fool
▲ Haha, that I wouldn’t know. But I ever thought if I have a son I want him to be strong, like Spartan, raise him up like a real man.

Q: Turning 30 this year, what is your goal?
▲ I hope to have a good start with SBS “Daebak”, being my first drama as I turned 30. I hope to do well and that through this drama, my 30s will be perfect. [END]

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10 thoughts on “[article] Jang Keun Suk “Looking forward to 30s” (pictorial interview)”

  1. Thanku so much for translation. You guys work very hard for sukkie. His pics perfectly describes lazy spring days. Love them all. Suk is just perfect in everything. Love his bonding with zo sun hi. I always like him bcoz he is frank n also reflects on what he feels wrong. Thats very difficult for a person to accept. Undoubtedly i am proud to have met a great man in my life. Very happy for produce 101 popularity .wishing lots more happiness for u dear. U deserve it. But suk should have a daughter. She will be the most prettiest angel in this world.

  2. Your translations of his interviews always mean so much to us, and we can’t thank you enough for them. Because of your postings here, I can see the growth in Suk’s focus and self confidence since I first stumbled across him a little over a year ago. When we use tough times to reevaluate our priorities, we become stronger people, and that’s what Suk has done over the past year. He seems to know what his goals are and to be very comfortable with who he is now. I have a happy feeling that he’s in a good place in his life right now. Many thanks to you, Hazy and Tenshi!

  3. “You will be a daughter’s fool” … I always think he wants a son, but he’s totally going to end up having a daughter who will have him wrapped around her finger.

  4. Thank you very much for the translation.
    He is really at an attractive age as he mentioned. JKS is in his most prime, knows what he wants and how to work on them. Matured and confident. A very rounded person and artist. Keep up the good work. DAEBAK will definitely do well as you wish Asia Prince and your 30 will be perfect! We are always by your side☺ And I agree with you guys,he should have a daughter with a smile that makes people feel good like her DAD..wink!!

  5. I always love his interviews. So honest, kind, and witty. When he said he would not be selfish doing things that he would not like to do as he did in his 20s. I disagree with him, as we eels follow him probably since he was a baby, he has never had a selfish mindset. How could one be supporting one own family from a very young age being selfish. When he was in his 20s he already earned millions. He let his wise mom guide him with his spending. What else could entertain him besides cars, partyiny and drinking with friends. I really think that his good nature brings good people around him, his manager, his guards, and his close friends. I am sure that this will lead to a good wife in the future. He looks 20 when he is 30, so when he is 40 he will definitely look 30! Looking forward to see him with his happy family then. Just pray that I will live to see it!!!

    • This is the best comment ever. Very well said. I almost cried. But its a wish that you (& all eels) and our “sukkie” live for thousand healthy years with a year having thousand days….

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