Thoughts on ‘Daebak (The Royal Gambler)’ Episode 1

March 29, 2016 in Drama / Movies / TV, Fan Account by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

As we did for ‘Love Rain’ and ‘Beautiful Man’, we decided to share eels’ thoughts on the blog again. There are many fan blogs do the similar things, but ours is not intended to recap the episode. Literally sharing each eel’s thoughts and feeling after seeing the episode. Some may write it like lyrics. Others may write it like your diary. The first author is Nancy. She’s joined the previous writing projects. She said she didn’t write long this time not to spoil many as this is the first episode. Rather, she wanted to give “readers” a chance to get interested enough to watch on their own without giving a blow by blow…
Then, enjoy! 😀

WARNING: If you haven’t watched this episode, please be aware of spoiler from reading this article. If you do not want to see, please do not click the link “Read rest of this entry”. We welcome all the comments and please share your thoughts too about ‘Daebak’. Thanks.

Author: Nancy McDonnell from ECI
Photo credits: SBS

Historical drama and political intrigue, I confess, is not my usual Korean drama fare. But quite frankly, Daebak had me the minute Jang Keun Suk signed on the dotted line. So, Eels and Jang Keun Suk will “take a gamble” on Daebak (Jackpot).

The drama starts with a suspenseful chess match between Baek Dae-gil (played by Jang Keun Suk) and Yi In Jwa, and a dramatic sword fight in the snow. The cinematography is beautiful and of course the acting is top notch! The two seem to have had a teacher & student relationship in the past… but no longer see eye to eye. The writer sets up the story very well and we want to know how these 2 characters have come to this impasse.
Moments later our back story begins… the tale of how Baek Dae-gil came to be.
I’m not the type of person who likes “head games”… so from the very start it’s hard for me to be interested in Yi In Jwa, who is intent on manipulating everyone… even the King, for his own desires.
It seems like every character we encounter is out for their own interests… and even among the King’s closest companions is one who Yi In Jwa controls.

Meanwhile, poor hardworking Bok Soon, any nest egg of money she earns is immediately stolen and gambled away by her addicted husband, even as she tells him she longs for a child.
Disappointed for the last time, she agrees to join sides with Yi In Jwa who is intent on teaching her how to seduce the king.
Baek Man Geum, Bok Soon’s husband, agrees to some high stakes gambling in Hong Mae’s dark and dingy gambling den. And when he’s lost everything to the rich merchant (who is the King in disguise)… he bets his wife. And thus it’s pretty clear that Bok Soon is to become a pawn in a game of chess with all of Joseon as the prize. [END]

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