13 thoughts on “Thoughts on ‘Daebak (The Royal Gambler)’ Episode 1

  1. beautiful ,yes in real life are so many games addicted ,they sell for money everything ,only to go and play ,I felt sadness for the woman but the way witch she`s chosing is not very easy to be the concubine of the kING ….WELL BEAUTIFUL AND INTERESTING STORY .

  2. episode 1 for this new series seems like a gamble in itself — what to expect, what will be the reception, etc. —

    so agree with Sis Nancy, the cinematography and acting are daebak 😀 I personally liked the intensity, enough intensity to jump start the story.

    the four main characters in the first episode (plus Hong Mae) pull off varying emotions for the viewers. Looking forward to the story’s progress 😀 Thumbs up!!

  3. Agree…the cinematography and acting is superb!!!!! …from the prestine white snow with suppressed emotions and swordsmanship…to the stinky dingy gamble dungeons and holes where men are at their lowest most carnal …It’s very well done..
    But the music!!!!!!!!! the music is wonderful..taking over your heartbeat and breathing taking you into yet a higher level…
    Without subs was good…but understanding what’s really being said makes the drama evenmore dramatic..
    Thanks Nancy

  4. sis Nan, thank you for sharing your takes and thoughts on 1st EP so quickly!!!!!

    Me too, Historical and political dramas are NOT my cup-of-tea. The only other Korean historical drama I watched was Hong Gil Dong…..kkkk…mostly just watched Prince ChangWee scenes.

    Of course, I would watch any JKS’ DRAMAS, MOVIES..pretty much anythings of JKS….kkkk. The end of the day, I am still an EEL, so I will always watch my STAR.

    Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect out of this drama. After I watched the 1st EP….I was “WOOWWW” blow away by the INTENSITY and CINEMATOGRAPHY of this drama. The pictures are so sharp clear and FAST phase. I super love the SNOW setting and scene, so beautiful.

    To my opinion, even the setting period of the story is not my type, but Just to be able to watch such beautiful cinematography, it’s worthy to watch. Daebak!!!!

    Just watching ONE EP only, I can see that this is one WELL PRODUCED DRAMAS!!

    So Fighting Daebak Team!! Keep doing your BEST!!! If you put your all-in and do your very best, people will see and praise your team at the end. Good production will always be good production!!!

    P.S. I will buy the DVDs for the whole sets when on sale, for keepsake…kkkk!!!! 🙂

  5. Yeah. Cinematography is perfect. Its my first time watching suk’s drama when its on air. Very very happy to share my thoughts with all these fantastic eels. The snow scene was superb. JKS was amazing in his part. Words can’t describe his skills. Love u my dear. Every actor is best in his act. The king’s acting was superb. I liked dae gil’s mother very much. This type of gambling really happens. So the drama looks realistic and is not at all boring. Direction and script are very good.Everything is just DAEBAK. Just curious why our prince was abandoned. Lots of hope for the drama ahead. Thanku eels all over the world whose support make our PRINCE always right in chosing the best character and best drama. <3<3

  6. Good job Sukkie! Well done – and that’s only the first episode. Looking forward to succeeding ones/

    This is one drama that is risky to be shown. The script is just so different from the ‘highly predictable’ drama scripts. This one is really different – and this is not for general patronage.

    I admire the script writer, the PD and SBS for adapting this drama. Most of all, I am glad they chose Sukkie to take on the leading role.

  7. I enjoyed watching the first episode so much and I cannot wait to see the next ones. This is my first time to watch a drama one episode at a time.I just started watching Korean dramas July 2015. After seeing You’re Beautiful and Mary Stayed Out All Night, I wanted to see more of JKS’s drama/movies. “Daebak” is very interesting and I think they chose the right actors. All of them are really good. I am starting to get to know more Korean actors because of Jang Keun Suk.

    Thanks again for all your help, Tenshi. 🙂

  8. Excited that the English subbed version was available for Episode 1 so quickly and Episode 2 is now also subbed and available. JKS was amazing, underneath Dae-gil’s seemingly cool and composed exterior you could sense his intensity, and definitely his scene set up the mood for the drama perfectly! What intrigue and mysteries await us as this story unfolds I can only imagine and eagerly anticipate.

  9. I love the way you wrote your summary, Nancy! I tend to watch the cute romantic dramas because I don’t have to think too much about where the story line is going – the historical dramas are more of a challenge for me to follow. Daebak’s plot, however, is very clear, and there are plot twists and turns that keep surprising me – which is a lot of fun! I would have watched this no matter what because JKS is in it, but this story is so engrossing and the actors are so completely believable that I’d watch it even without JKS. I think his instincts were very good when he chose to do this story. And, as everyone is commenting, the cinematography is particularly stunning. The thought that’s been put into the colors and settings are obvious in the many, many simply beautiful visual details.

    I know eels almost always gush about everything JKS does, but I honestly believe that this is going to be recognized as one of the top-notch offerings in his career.

  10. Thanks Sis Nancy for sharing your thoughts. Love your writing and description so much about the drama that I ending up watching it again because the visual and cinematography is so stunningly splendid. Even JKS scene only last a few minutes I really love his intense scene. He makes a right choice for his comeback drama.

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