[ENG-SUB] The reason why JKS choose Daebak @ Daebak preview_20160326

Credit: SBS
English translation: Zoe & Pei (ECI)

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10 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] The reason why JKS choose Daebak @ Daebak preview_20160326”

  1. Interesting his argument in the way that he made an important choose. But super valid. The character have to start from the low perfile until The Royal Gamble. To the most people the world start step by step to arrive to the top of the world. Thanks a lot for share it.

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for posting. When a precious child is born, a Korean friend of mine said that “dog poop” is a good name to give a baby – because it is the belief that the gods would not take the life of a child that is named so poorly….but it looks like in this drama…he is still being called Ketdongee (sp?) even as a teen or young adult…

    So, he also labors under the stigma of a very belittling name – in addition to the other multiple privations he has to endure…

    Tenshi – thank you for posting this wonderful eng subbed preview..

    • Oh, thank you Akiko! Now I understand why they call him “dog poop”! 🙂

      I think they maybe keep calling him that as adult to show him that he is “nobody”. We will probably understand that better watching Daebak.

      Isn´t he amazing in that crying scene?


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