[text translation] JKS official fan café CriJ phone interview on Love FM_20160316

Shared and translated by Hazy Lee from ECI

a very heartwarming interview….. conveys the message of all eels to our one and only ….JKS!
2016 Mar 16 Jang Keun Suk Official fan café CriJ phone interview on Love FM programe
source: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTUwMjkxMTE1Ng==.html

Host: H
Fan café member: C

H: Today we shall have phone interview with JKS fan, Miss XX~
C: Hello

H: Firstly, tell us how JKS is recently?
C: Currently super busy, he is Rep Jang TV show Produce 101, and at the same time filming SBS Mon-Tues drama “Daebak” which will be broadcast on Mar28 after “6 Flying Dragons”

H: Tell us more about CriJ?
C: Jang Keun Suk official fan club is started by Jang Keun Suk himself 8 years ago. Not only from Korea, but we have fans from 40 over countries, mainly in organizing support events for JKS, and participate in various charitable activities yearly, fans have consistently for the past 5 years did volunteer work on a regular basis. CriJ is place where all who loves and supports JKS gathers.

H: How do fans view the character of JKS?
C: Our Actor Jang, always give his best be it in his acting or concerts. In addition, he is very friendly towards his fans, always showing his warmth, very frank too. Hence fans really love such forthright character of JKS.

H: Heard he really cares for his eels?
C: (laugh) isn’t there a phrase “Fans Fool”, he is the ultimate fans fool, also, he calls his fans eels, as eels give him strength, his source of energy, and he really listens to his fans. We will organize a yearly gathering, last year, he surprised us by turning up at the venue without informing us, that whole day the atmosphere was liken a wedding banquet. CriJ has been volunteering at the place every 2 months for the past 5 years, he turned up too wearing an apron, together with his fans, prepared meals for the children there, and played with them. The food he cooks are really nice.

H: (laugh) what would you like to tell JKS?
C: Now, it is really tough for him juggling between TV show and Drama filming, hence really worry about his health, I hope to tell him please do not fall sick, and, although we keep repeating this, but still have to say: “Eels are always behind JKS, JKS’s backup force is CriJ Eels!” Personally I hope to say our actor Jang is the best!

H: Ok (laugh) you chose this song “Live Volcano” to share with everyone, why?
C: As now filming “Daebak”
H: Right
C: Drama “Daebak” will be hot, “Daebak” Super Hot (laugh)
H: Ah~ and it’s sang by JKS
C: Right

H: Ok. Anything to tell fellow fan café members?
C: Hello fellow members, hello eels all over the world, really very touched, our love for JKS is so precious. Thank you everyone. We have all done well so far, let’s continue to stay happy together in JKS World. What else will we need? Loyalty! Only JKS, Fighting! And, to those who pushed me into this nerve breaking task, CriJ President and fellow member who are comfortably listening to the broadcast, love you! Let’s work hard together this year too!
H: Loyalty! Hahaha, love JKS official fan club CriJ, and also support our Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk, and please support Love FM!
C: Ok, thank you!

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4 thoughts on “[text translation] JKS official fan café CriJ phone interview on Love FM_20160316”

  1. These are not mere words but a sincere heart of millions of eels for our one and only “fan-fools” PRINCE. This love will always be precious n remain forever till our last breath. Thanks for such loyal words on behalf of all of us. Its my dream to be a part of CRI-J. Love u CRI-J ,love u forever family n more love for our dear ‘actor jang’. Thanku for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for translating and sharing this!!
    I really wanted to know what was going on in the show!! So did tons of Japanese eels.
    As usual I put this into Japanese and posted it to my Ameblo. Here is the link: http://ameblo.jp/marchneko-chan
    All of Japanese eels are so happy to know what the radio conversation was about!
    Once again I’d love to appreciate Hazy Lee and tenshi_akuma for such a great job!! (≧∇≦)b

  3. very touching words, eels anywhere have the same feeling.
    totally agree, what else will we need? loyalty!
    that’s the reason why I love JKS and eels


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