[Pic] ‘Daebak’ Dae-gil image photo played by Jang Keun Suk

Original source: K-PLAZA

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23 thoughts on “[Pic] ‘Daebak’ Dae-gil image photo played by Jang Keun Suk

  1. I am so happy to see Dae-gil! It’s the beginning of a fantastic day! Now, my impatience is even greater! Thanks, Tenshi! Have a good week!

  2. Plz change the profile pic to this. Omo! He just stole my heart again. Its my first time experiencing JKS drama when it is going to telecast n its amazing. Oh my handsome prince all the best for DAEBAK.

  3. does anybody know, does any body have any idea how international eels can watch the drama?
    Pleassseeee….if anybody does pleaseeee let me know>…..thank u!

  4. Hi, does anyone,know the schedule and timeslot of Daebak,on April 4 ? We are praying for Sukkie’s good health during the filming and for the success of Daebak. It is Sukkie’s last drama before he enlists.

  5. he is so beautiful, and he must be very happy he does not require to wear a wig, like most guys in period drama, this will help him to act with ease, I am so happy to see the image, been longing for it, can’t wait to see the drama

  6. That gambler looks quite innocent 🙂 His aura of mistery, what he’s hidding? A gambler who plays with his life like with his cards…Umm, it’s interesting,…can’t wait to see the drama.

  7. So handsome! OMG! I´m so happy actually I was sick in hospital for 15 days I´m so happy to see him again and so handsome! Daebak!

    Good luck Dae Gil!

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