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February 27, 2016 in Drama / Movies / TV, Fan Account by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

As you know, last weekend was very busy for our dear Jang Keun Suk and eels visiting Koera for attending Lotte FM, charity bazaar at L’inoui shop and ‘Produce 101’ live filming. My eel friends luckily attended ‘Produce 101’ live filming in Seoul on February 21st, and our Hazy wrote her lively FA here. Thanks Hazy! I wish I could have been there with you. Maybe next time?? kk

Credit: Hazy Lee from Singapore and ECI
Truly blessed to be able to attend live filming on 21/2, watching last night(February 26th)’s episode brought back many wonderful and “not-so-great” memories :p

It was my first time in a live recording, first time watching our prince as a MC live, each time he appeared on the stage, we had a full view of his every single moves and actions. He too had a good view of all the audience, and with his usual deep voice and glances…. Those moments can kill!
After the recording, I admired him even more. This boy, who just held a FM the night before, stayed till past midnight to get his bazaar sale ready at Linuoi, appeared in the bazaar that very same day and transformed into a great salespeople for a full 5 hours without rest!!! He then rushed to the studio for recording which ended again past midnight (when the voting sessions ended and audience could leave, it was already 1130pm, they probably continued recording the part where all the girls stood below the stage where we were and JKS announced the top in each group).

I wasn’t at the FM, I didn’t queue over the night for Linuoi, and for a fair bit of time at Linuoi I was hiding in coffee bean from the cold…. Yet this trip made it to the TOP of my “most torturing” moments of Sukgrimage! Stood and queued in the cold from 4-730pm when the sun is setting and with strong wind blowing then (Singapore is a place where the average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius, throughout the year with no 4 seasons!) so sub zero temperature is FREEZING COLD to me….. In this 3.5 hours, the only moment I forgot about the cold was when his car drove past us eels, who lined along the road to cheered and welcomed him at the recording venue!!

That’s not all the standing.. When we got into the studio, it’s more standing!!!! But at some point, we actually sat on the floor as our legs are breaking and sore. During the recording, no food is allowed, we were not even allowed to freely exit for toilet breaks!! (Siew Hin will proudly brag how she managed not to go to the toilet from 5pm-12mn – 7hours in all!!) The production is truly professional, there must have been at least 7 huge cameras and many more mobile ones in the studios. We signed an agreement prior to entering the studio, not to take pictures or recordings during the show. During the show, they paused the recording, and cameras zoomed in on 2 guys, whom we saw subsequently got escorted out by security as they took pics with professional cameras. There were moments where security will squeeze through the crowd and go to someone checking their phones when they got suspicious.

Our prince – we could all tell – was very tired too (recap the events he had prior to this)!! At times he would rotate his head, stretched himself a little on stage, yet throughout the filming, he exhibited total professionalism, and still shine so brightly on the stage, which made my tiredness looks so small in comparison! He would, from time to time, screen through the audience, and we know he is spotting his eels!! We, as eels, kept low profile, given this is not his individual show, and didn’t want to distract him as he was actually working then.

side notes: the recording studio was filled with youths probably in their teens, both boys and girls, so, we probably looked a little out of place keke. When those boys cheered, and boy they really do CHEER their lungs out, I started to ponder if that’s how we eels looked when we cheered for our Prince! LOL

hehehe We can see our eel friends there!

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