[article] [Fashion in Star] Actor Jang Keun Suk “wearing more suits these days compared to loud gorgeous clothing”

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[SportsSeoul] “More days of wearing suits!”

Jang Keun Suk, who previously gives the impression of a free-willed youth, now exudes a strong manly presence. Through his 20 over years of artist life, creating a charm of his own which made him grown into “Asia Prince”, Jang Keun Suk as a fashion icon has never stopped challenging himself. Not just limited to the colorful gorgeous stage, he is also conferred as “Sharing Professor” by Hanyang University providing lectures to his juniors.

Just as he continuously expands internal and external facets of his life, his fashion style is gradually changing too. “I am wearing more suits since autumn last year, there are times when I will need to wear suits 3 days or more in a week, really felt I have aged” he candidly says. Let’s hear the fashion story of Jang Keun Suk who is welcoming 30 years old in Korean age.

Jang Keun Suk’s Style? It’s important to keep to the basics

Under no circumstance he is unafraid to try new challenges. He said: “Everything used to be colorful, and I intentionally selected loud gorgeous clothes to wear. I have taken up the challenge, which fits my energy level then”. He added: “I am more casual these days (laugh), although there are times when I need to put on challenging clothes on different times and occasions. As time goes by, I’ve gradually felt that the clothes in my wardrobe are too childish. Now the key criterion on selection is proper fit as well as clothing which makes one looks refreshed”.

JKS, who continuously challenged himself and his fashion style in his 20s, now deeply comprehends the importance of basics. “In comparison to wearing the latest fashion, I’ve come to think that keeping to the basic is most important. I used to buy various types of clothing, and even tried on clothes which seem unbelievable to some, no matter how many accessories I put on, everyone still feels I look best in jeans and white t-shirt. I used to focus on the material, but now I place more emphasis on color coordination. I admit properly fitted clothing is also important, but I believe color matching can help to express tone and manner well, bringing out the upscale and unrestricted atmosphere”.
Manly Jang Keun Suk, suitable age for suits

Jang Keun Suk mentions the key change in his fashion these days is suits. While his activities have expanded, there are more occasions which call for wearing suits, he would be wearing suits when giving lectures in school. “To stand in front of everyone in lecture, I will be pondering a lot prior to the class, if I should go in my usual hooded tee and jeans and the kind of image I want to present to everyone. Everyone may have doubts about me, so in conclusion I still chose the suits, without a tie, just a vest and jacket. I’m a bit afraid that wearing a suit might give an authoritative impression, but I’m trying to take off such images through giving lectures”.

Although he can carry various styles, he receives help on suits from his Company staff. His Company staff is well-known for wearing suits. “I have experts around me. Normal agents typically would wear casual style, but when we have activities overseas, they would put on their suits to achieve certain level of trust and, they would from time to time visit the tailor shop on level 1 of our office, actually looking fashionable is important, too. One needs to be aware of your pros and cons, and I am working hard in identifying mine”.
“Produce 101” Representative MC, “wow” factors

In Mnet program “Produce 101” he portrays the image of MC and mentor through apparels. “As the MC and rep of the show, the “wow” moments are very important, the pants and jacket must fit just right, and inevitably black being the default color”.

Returning to the drama scene after 2 years with an image transformation in SBS “Daebak”, he is making efforts in growing his hair. “Gained much experience in battling the cold while filming “Hong Gil-dong”. Basically needs 3 layers of warm clothing, and the heat vest will need to be charged continuously. The downside with wearing too many layers is that movements will be clumsy, but filming starts end Feb this round, so I am not too worried. As the drama progresses, the character will change, and everyone will get to see a change in the style, too. One interesting point in filming this historical drama is that for once, (styling) will be done with my own hair”.
Beauty regime is literally manly man’s style

Jang Keun Suk, suitable for his nickname “Asia Prince”, still has a reputation of his beautiful looks and skin. He’s worked since he was a kid, so we supposed that he’s been concerned about keeping his skin beautiful. However, when we asked about his beauty regime, we unexpectedly received a “typical guy’s” response. “About Skin? Honestly I don’t put a lot of effort, other than applying some lotion, half the time in a year I would use a mask once every 3 days during winter or dry season. When it turns really dry, I will know to use my scrub and mask, I am using mask which I bought from Japan, those economical 100 sheets in a tub type”.

Unlike other artists who have their hair treatments done in salons, Jang Keun Suk prefers DIY. “I would do treatments often, scalp and keratin treatments. It is more convenient to do it at home. While taking a shower, who won’t wash one’s hair?” He laughed, asking us back. Lastly we asked his secret on dieting. His answer was very straightforward: “Stop eating. There is only one solution for that”.

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  1. He is growing up n very intelligent in answering. No one can win over him. Sukkie looks the best in suits and short hair (in pretty man). But we fall for u in ur every look. And who says u are ageing? My prince will always be the most beautiful boy in my eyes. Cant wait to see ur new DAEBAK look. Love u.

  2. Another wonderfully honest and revealing article! Y’all are so very kind to work so hard at giving us so many great translations! Thank you!!

  3. Hi,
    Thank you for translating this article. I’m a little confused about the “Korean age” remark. I’m aware that he celebrates his birthday twice (Solar & Lunar — even though I still find this confusing with how close the dates are), but he was born in ’87, so would he be turning 29 not 30 this year?

    Also, I like fashion and appreciate a nice suit, especially on a handsome guy. I’m a pretty low-maintance girl though; he has a better skin and hair regiment than I do! Compared to some recent interview photos, he looks good and seems healthy. I do hope he’s not “dieting” as mentioned/fasting often. I understand skipping meals when one is busy, but he’s got a busy schedule ahead of him (which I hope includes a little music promotion to his U.S. audience? 😉 )

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