[2016-02-26] @zosun_hi twitter

Shooting with Keun-chan after a long interval~~ Preparing for drama shooting that starts soon!!
Cute Cute~~ Keun-Suk is like my real brother. I always enjoy taking selfies with him.
#I need to develop different facial expressions
#The work will be a big hit #Jang Keun Suk #Daebak
#The synchronizing rate will be 100% #To become Dae-gil

오랜만에 근짱과 촬영~~ 곧 드라마에 촬영돌입 준비중!! 이뽀이뽀~~ 언제나 나에겐 친동생같은 우리 근석이와셀카놀이 #나다른표정개발해야함 #작폼대박 #장근석 #대박 #싱크로율100프로 #대길되길

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7 thoughts on “[2016-02-26] @zosun_hi twitter

      • Thanku. I used to read all ur comments when i came to know about this site. I love it very much when u and bluemoon lady call him sugar…. Its very sweet.

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