[News] ‘Daebak’ Jang Keun Suk, Yeo Jin-goo had the script reading yesterday… starts filming on 18th

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[OSEN= Park Jin-young reporter] The actual production of the Daebak has started by reading the script.

On the afternoon of February 15th at SBS production center, the first script reading of SBS new Mon-Tue drama ‘Daebak’ was held.

On that day, the director NamGun, Jang Keun Suk, Yeo Jin-Goo, Lim Ji- Yeon, Jeon Kwang- Leol, Yoon Jin-seo and the other involved actors appeared for the first reading and exchanged greetings.

An official said to OSEN, “We first planned the script reading on February 4th, but due to various factors, it was postponed. 10 days later as scheduled. The filming starts on 18th.”

Daebak is a story about a gambler born by King Sookjoong´s concubine, abandoned after 6 months, and grew up in a gambling house (JKS role), who has to confront and fight King Yeongjo (Yeo Jin Goo role). The first broadcasting is in March after drama ‘Six flaying dragons’.

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16 thoughts on “[News] ‘Daebak’ Jang Keun Suk, Yeo Jin-goo had the script reading yesterday… starts filming on 18th”

  1. Hi Eel Sisters, I have a doubt, The drama starts in 18 days or is correct on 18th thats means on March 18th? beacuse I think I’m very wrong :S

    grettings from Mexico.

  2. Daebak!! wish to see pics of Suk during the sript reading.. and also cant wait to see his transformation as Dae Gil.. he’s certainly preparing and internalizing the role this time.. i’m visualizing a manly and rugged character.

  3. Really waiting 4 his upcoming new drama after 2 years vacuum and this year as his comeback, there must be a challenging turning point. A new transformation as well as a ‘new image’ will emerge soon…
    a NEW IMAGE for ‘asia prince’– jang geun suk plus ‘new character’.


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