[Info] ‘Producer 101’ MC and trainers

We posted some info or photos before to introduce ‘Produce 101’ trainers. Mnet official released their introduction video on YouTube channel, so we introduce them here again. Personaly I’ve been also interested in them, too ^^

*MC and Representative of national producers
Jang Keun Suk

‘Asia Prince’ Jang Keun Suk acts as the representative of national producers! He’s been very active in various fields as actor, singer and so on. His precious advice must be more meaningful for trainees!

*Vocal trainers
JeA (Leader of Brown Eyed Girls)

JeA, a member of Brown Eyed Girls, is one of vocal trainers. As a talented vocalist of leading Korean girls group, she offers her know-how to 101 trainees.
Kim Sung Eun
Another vocal trainer is Kim Sung Eun who has trained TWICE, BTS and so on. She will give birth to future vocalist of the girls group.

*Rap trainer
Cheetah (Winner of Unpretty Rapstar)

Cheetah, who won Korean music competition program ‘UNPRETTY RAP STAR’ acts as the rap trainer.

*Dance trainers
Kahi (Former member of Afterschool)

Her dance career is 15 years! As a senior of girls group, Kahi trains them hard. She’s had experience as a backup dancer of BoA and TVXQ.
Bae Yoon Jung (Leader of Yama & Hotchicks)
Another dance trainer is Bae Yoon Jung who has choreographed for a lot of hit songs such as KARA, Girl’s Day, and T-ARA. Her charisma is worth seeing.

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