[ENG-SUB] “Nervous”: backstage of Produce101’s first recording

UPDATE: added text translation of JKS part
UPDATE: now Eng-subbed one is available

English translation: yuneller8097

Credit: Mnet Official
English translation (JKS part only): Wen Lee from ECI

00:10 At the first filming site.
01:04 Rep Jang preparing for the first encounter.
01:14 Following Rep Jang’s entrance.
01:21 Immediately were girls’ screaming!
01:37 I’ll say something first.
01:39 Not to be representative of Korea.
01:41 But to be a representative group of Asia.
03:14 I don’t know but hope that everything will go smoothly for all 101 of them.
03:17 In order to achieve your dreams.
03:19 Friends who have been practising for a long time.
03:20 Are all unsuccessful. Although those who stay.
03:23 Become the winners.
03:26 But I believe the most true self that you create.
03:28 Is all the sweating you’ve done at an unseen place.
03:31 I will be showing support to you.

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3 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] “Nervous”: backstage of Produce101’s first recording

  1. “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim….”
    I’m not sure if it’s because I live in the US, or what. Is there another version of the Episode 1 video I could possibly watch (even if it did not have English subtitles; just to see the rehearsals and performances)?

    Thanks! =)

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