[Report] Our Rice Wreath for ‘Produce 101’ press conference

Dear all, ECI (Eels’ Club International) and jangkeunsukforevr.com visitors,
We’re so pleased to be part of rice wreath donation this time. As you know, our beloved Jang Keun Suk has been very active especially in Korea, his home country since the beginning of 2016. This project, participation as the MC of ‘Produce 101’ is one of them. With our rice wreath donation, we made a meaningful message for the banner hang over it. “LIVE THE DREAM, You and Us Together” This wordings was inspired by his past words for those who keep having dreams.
Plus, this time we didn’t use his photo taken in other events. Instead, our talented eel friend, Eve Yap drew exclusively a superb illustration for the event. Very original, isn’t it? Thanks again for your all continuous support to him and us! Zikzin!

Close-up photos from different angles

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6 thoughts on “[Report] Our Rice Wreath for ‘Produce 101’ press conference”

  1. I would like to Thank Kaori for the idea, Farina for the wordings on the banner and last but not least… Eve for coming up with such beautiful banner which matches the theme “Live The Dream, you and us together”. It is interesting that for this round of banner design for the rice wreath, ECI admin team only went through one pass of discussion with the theme in mind and everyone knows what we have in our mind (even the draft in our mind seems to be read clearly by each other)…. that is why I love this theme alot as it is not only reflect Suk’s dream but eels’ dream… we have to live our own dream too… same goes for the Produce 101 trainees and same goes for where the rice donation to children home… each child with a dream of their own….

    • A round of applause for all of you…working so quick and hard..also on behalf of the eels who could only participate by funding or lacking the time…muahssss
      I love the banner very much…my eyes went to the crown for our prince immediately.. so app…our world prince crowned 🙂
      like the banner said…Live the dream, you and us together…it’s meaning is for all of us..we work together!!

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