[Video] JKS promotes ‘LIVE IN JAPAN’ to SkyPerfecTV viewers

Credit: スカパー! and uploader
English transltaion: tenshi_akuma

Hello, SkyPerfecTV viewers! I’m Jang Keun Suk. My solo concert ‘LIVE IN JAPAN 2015’ will be broadcast exclusively in January for the first time. The highlight is JKS OST collection that I sang in Korea before my debut as a singer (in Japan). I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing honest and genuine JKS, too. Please watch it on SkyPerfecTV.

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4 thoughts on “[Video] JKS promotes ‘LIVE IN JAPAN’ to SkyPerfecTV viewers

  1. Thank you, Tenshi! Really hope that we will get to see it too somehow. I´m happy that Live in Seoul DVD is out now. Can´t wait to watch it. Sukkie gives us always something to be happy about.:)

  2. Hello Tenshi,

    Thank you for posting this – is there any way for Americans in US to watch (I don’t mind if I have to pay for it) the live in Japan – I went to the Sky Perfect sie and I cannot make sense of it (sorry!).

    Thank you.

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