[2015-12-26] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

Look at that sky~

Nuna (dear elder lady), I want to eat tteokbokki, sundae, and heopa.
누나 떡볶이랑 순대 먹고 싶어 허파도

I texted to 10 people, but none of them bought them for me. Life is alone anyway. kk
10명한테 보냈는데 아무도 사준사람 없음. 어차피 인생은 혼자 ㅋㅋ

Mother saw my tweets and gave me a call. Oh, my gosh..
엄마 트위터보고 전화옴. 아놔..

Changed it from board.

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13 thoughts on “[2015-12-26] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

  1. Didn´t he said that we see the same sky, and that we can always look at the sky and think about him? I think he means that when he says “look at the sky.” ♥

  2. Hi everyone! New baby eel here. I’m only two months old, but I can only see him,(i’ve fallen really hard, lol) Tenshi, thanks for the posts and the translations, you do a wonderful job! Looking at the sky right now!

      • Drama! You’re beautiful, of course! My heart started doing dugun dugun when i heard his voice. I Love his music. I’ve watched all his dramas and movies and everything i can find on youtube lol. I think i’m crazy, really

      • kkkkkk May – you are definitely crazy – you have to be to love him.
        But the good news is – you are not the only one – you have plenty of crazies to keep you company!
        Welcome to the pond!

        It will be a super exciting roller coaster ride!

  3. Hi Tenshi 🙂 please answer my question.
    In the last photo that it can be seen two skates…Oomm ..who is the other??????!!!!!!!!!

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