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UPDATE: added the supplement and feedback from the Chinese author

It’s a heart-warming article. Eels’ grandma, please stay healthy ^^
마음이 따뜻해지는 기사다. 장어할머니 건강하세요^^

Although I can’t read Chinese, I will get Google to help me. haha.
한자는 못읽지만.. 구글의 도움을 받는중 ㅎㅎ

tenshi_akuma’s note 1: Jac Tan from ECI translated the article into English. Sadly, the grandma passed away, but eels gave the author (the grandma’s son) encouragement even after her death. It seemed JKS didn’t know she passed away, so we hope this translation would help him to understand the background more.

The Swimming Eels:

In my heart, there is always a school of swimming Eels.
Eels is the name of Fans of Korean star, Jang Keun Suk. I have no idea why they are being called Eels but it feels very dynamic but yet kinda cute, really very cute. Majority of the names for Fans are pretty much the same, simple, generic but yet creative and have a very distinct image and character.

I will never make fun of these celebrities’ fans, because to the fans, they have entrusted their dreams with their Idols and all these beautiful dreams are to be respected. We have all, in those unforgettable turbulent years, with Teresa Teng’s beautiful voice, brought us solace. As a matter of fact, who hasn’t in their younger days, not had their own idols, if not, it would really be a pity and plain blank. Rather than having regrets in the future why not be able to reminisce those precious memories. Reminiscing is also a form of strength, warm and touching. Everyone is different, we cannot and are unable to dominate the Idol in everyone’s heart. Therefore, toward the fans we can give our greatest understanding and acceptance.

Last year August, my mother who had just undergone liver cancer treatment and I went to Japan for a trip. I had promised my mother that after every treatment, I will take her to a place she wishes to go. In fact, I am a cancer patient myself, I hope that my mother and I can give each other encouragement, in the face of despair, the broaden skies can lighten our hearts and bring us peace and good fortune. On the streets of Tokyo, as we lift our heads, our eyes met with “Asia Prince”, Jang Keun Suk’s poster. In the building with the posters, there is a café owned by Jang Keun Suk. We were seated in this café which is on the 2nd level, in this peaceful ambience, we enjoy a tea break filled with romance. My mother ordered a very characteristic Matcha tea. On the top of the frost, there is a very striking alphabet “Z” in green. My mother is delighted, holding the teaspoon with a wide smile on her face. Capturing this amazing moment on my phone, I posted this moment on my Weibo. What had caught me unexpectedly was, in a spit moment, schools of Eels swam over and within a short instance, the post have had 300,000 likes/views. The warm Eels had also left many well wishes which left my mother and I feeling very surprised. They referred my mother as “Grandma Eel” and my mother had gladly accepted it.

From that moment, Eels will occasionally swim over and send their regards to us, they swim pass quietly and only ponder around for a moment and then swims off again not leaving any tracks. I don’t know who they are, nor do I know where they are from or where they are swimming to, just like this, my relation with the Eels. Sometimes, I will think about them, therefore, I had submerged myself into the waters, listening to Jang Keun Suk’s songs watching the Eels swimming around happily. When my mother passed away, I had posted it on Weibo, Eels once again swam over in schools and they had lighted candles for her. The screen filled with candle lights had lit a glow of brightness into my pained heart and the warmth I felt was indescribable.

This year June, I had compiled and published writings of my life as a cancer patient into a book titled which records my exceptionally difficult journey during these 3 to 4 years. In order to encourage other cancer patients to continue living positively, I have decided to donate all the Royalty Fee earnings from the book to the Shanghai Cancer Rehabilitation Club. The amount of Royalty Fees payable is dependable on the amount of books sold. I had posted this information on Weibo and what really touched me was that many cyber-friends had lent a helping hand. Later, I understood from the Sales Department that out of the people who had purchased my books, the ones who made up the most numbers are the silent Eels.

Now, Eels had already swum into my heart, I give them my thanks. Therefore, I too am willing to become an Eel full of love and kindness and in this gradually freezing world, swimming warmly in the waters and continue spreading the warm.

tenshi_akuma’s note 2: Wen Lee from ECI gave us the supplements about JKS’ Weibo post.

The writer eel, 作家简平 responded to Sukkie’s two weibo posts on 20151106 as follows:

JKS: 마음이 따뜻해지는 기사다. 장어할머니 건강하세요^^
(Trans: It’s a heart-warming article. Eels’ grandma, please stay healthy ^^)
Writer 简平 : 非常感谢@张根硕 先生给中国鳗鱼带来的善和爱的力量
(Trans: Thank you very much Mr Jang Keun Suk for bringing to eels in China kindness & loving hearts energy)

JKS: 한자는 못읽지만.. 구글의 도움을 받는중 ㅎㅎ
(Trans: Although I can’t read Chinese, I will get Google to help me. haha.)
[1] Writer 简平 : 谢谢@张根硕先生
(Trans: [1] Thank you Mr Jang Keun Suk.)
[2] Writer 简平 : 非常感谢,祝张教授创作丰收!
(Trans: [2] Thank you very much, wish Professor Jang all the best in your creativity!)

This was the original post Writer Eel wrote on 20140802 when he took his mother to Japan & Zikzin Cafe:
韩国明星张根硕不在本国,也不在中国,只在日本开了家ZlKZlN. 我老妈千里千寻赶过去,喝了杯Z茶
(Trans: Korean celebrity Jang Keun Suk opened a Zikzin, not in Korea nor China, but in Japan. My Mother travelled long distance there to look for it, had a cup of Z tea.)
Furthermore, he posted on 20140808 they bought ‘Driving to the highway’ album in Osaka.

The whole family went to Zikzin Man show in China last yr, I can’t remember which one, I think Shanghai end of Aug. The daughter eel is now doing Masters study in New York. By the way, with the help of a Chinese eel & a Korean eel, the article is in Korean net as well, go click the little yellow star in the centre of the end of the article, Mr Writer Eel has already clicked it!

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20 thoughts on “[2015-11-06] Jang Keun Suk Weibo”

  1. thank you so much for the translation…it was very touching and beautifull…just how she describes the eels swimming warmly…as a matter of fact i think jang geun suk and his eels have made such impact on any of ourlives which he may not even be

  2. Proud to be an eel ,we are unique as him .Our hearts beat fast together …I love that word ( swimming eels ) ..yes that’s true .
    God bless her family .

  3. Hope Sukkie will read this English translation or the Korean one and understand how he played an important in the lives of his eels.

  4. Awwww….. I’m crying while reading this warm heart and thankful article. I love reading article like this, especially written by non-fan (originally not a fan). I am so happy and proud of eels, and eels’ cultures of always helping people with good causes.

  5. a very touching article indeed. Many thanks sis Tenshi for sharing this and added additional supplements to help us understand more. I hope Sukkie can read this.

  6. Thank you for the article. I was really JKS will read it and give him more inspiration in his craft because of us Eels thats support him the same he make our life happier and beautiful seeing all his efforts.

  7. I’ve been an Eel for almost 4 years now… and I have been saying pretty much from the start, that Jang Keun Suk’s greatest gift to his Eels… is not just himself. But each other.
    He sets the example… Eels follow in his foot steps. Even before he was Professor Jang, has taught us so many things. He has taught us, to laugh more, smile more and play more. But he has also taught us to work hard for our dreams, but to always take time for others.
    Is it any wonder the Eel Grandma from China loved him so?
    I myself am old enough to be his mother. He’s got a lot of “older eels!” LOL

  8. Thanks all sis,
    A touch article, Suk is a kind star, he paid attention to the article.
    Suk and Eels together so great. Zikzin ^^

  9. I have to admit that I cried while reading it. The world of Sukki´s eels is just like that – If you love Sukkie you are inside, and everyone is on your side.

    Thank you Jac, Tenshi and Wen Lee for giving us the opportunity to read the article and understand the story behind it. ♥

  10. This story touched my heart. I will pray for this eel’s health. I pray to God he will regain his health.

  11. The article is so touching.I pray to God to make him healthy.hope Mr. Jang Keun Suk will read this & it’ll encourage and give him more strength to make everyone happy cause it is very much difficult to be the reason for someone’s happiness…..

  12. Thank you for sharing this loving account with us. There is so much here that that reminds us about all of the ways we can show others that we care about them – the love between a mother and son; the support and affection freely given by caring strangers; the unexpected words of concern and support from a busy celebrity. We sometimes forget how much a kind word or action can bring a treasured moment of joy when it’s needed the most. I see so many examples of support like this from eels. Isn’t it wonderful how a young artist’s whimsical labeling of his fans as ‘eels’ has created such caring among all of us, and how that caring can have such an impact without us even being aware of it. Thanks again to the writer of this article. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  13. For a long time I was not so touched by reading an article! If needed, this article looks the fascinating life of eels, that is profoundly influenced by the unique character of their master and at the same time, their best friend. Thanks for sharing and translation!

  14. I am crying tears of sadness for the writercand his mother’s difficult journey, but also tears of joy at knowing that the kind hearts of Eels have brought him solace. To have someone say such lovely things about Eels is so heartwarming! I feel so proud to be an eel!

  15. re-reading this still brings happy tears to my eyes…for he moved to people in their difficult times with just being him..and many of us cheered

    • Sis thanks for commenting & letting me know about this touching incident.. teary eyed..
      I M SOOOOOO PROUD to be a part of eels’ family.. OMG!!

      thank you sis mamacri.. More n more new eels will come to know abt this.. waaahh..
      And a biiig thanks to tenshi sis & ECI for treasuring all these special n heart warming articles on our Prince.. Love you all!!

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