24 thoughts on “[Fan Account] Live In Shanghai & Epilogue

  1. Great fan account sis … loved hearing how he responded with his “cheeky” eels.
    Well… he should know where you all learned it from. Eels learn it from Master Eel!

  2. I donΒ΄t know how many times IΒ΄ve read your FA, Siew Hin. Feel happy every time I read it. πŸ™‚

    Live in Shanghai, meeting him like that, and than Team H Halloween Party! How does it feel to be happy like that?

  3. I have been following this website for about prolly 4 months now. I fell in love with JKS as soon as I saw his Korean Drama “He’s Beautiful. He was very witty and good looking and he has oozing charisma. From then on, I cannot stop thinking about him. I checked all his youtube videos until I cannot find anythin else. But good thing while I was searching the internet, I found this site.

    Thank you for this blog entry.. I felt like I was there at the concert and at the airport. I can imagine everything that you’re telling us and I can imagine his face!

    I will keep on following this website everyday!

  4. What a nice fan account – especially of how he answered you when you asked your questions in Chinese!!!

    Siew…You mentioned that you hoped that a DVD of his concert Live in Shanghai would be made – well – a one hour highlights of the Live in Shanghai is offered on Disc 2 of his Live in Seoul Dvd. From watching the 1 hour portion of Shanghai concert on the DVD – Everything you said about how wonderful his Shanghai concert was – is TRUE! and I agree 100%!!

    I love love your fan accounts!!! Thank you!

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