[ENG-SUB] Hanyang university VISION thanks video to the donators (JKS’s part only)

Credit: 한양대학교
Original source: https://youtu.be/xsJxpZoxUNY
English translation: tenshi_akuma
Timing and uploading: Saad Otaibi

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6 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Hanyang university VISION thanks video to the donators (JKS’s part only)”

  1. He is such a humble person..beautiful inside out…despite others are not nice to him…it’s never a reason to be unkind to others; he knows where he comes from and he knows where he is going…chasing his dreams making them come to reality…helping others along the way…
    You are worthy of my lifelong admiration My Asian Prince Jang Keun Suk…You are!!!

    • Beautiful words, Mamacri. I totally agree with you that he is such a young philanthropist. Beautiful from inside out and outside in. I have never admired any young person like him before.

    • I agree with you! Maybe in his own country a lot did not see the real beauty inside him, but at time goes by the more he will mature gracefully and be admired by people of great wisdom. I did not worry that a lot of people who idolized the other starts in his homeland criticized him a lot. Stars who mesmerized people out of euphoria will just died down when their popularity subsided, but people of true wisdom will always be there, like Suk.

  2. Sukkie’s words touched me, I feel more and more proud of him. :’) I feel that Sukkie is maturing very good! therefore he does not have that Do-S personality. good! bcos during 2015 he said us that he wants to grow up more and more.

    his words was: “I used to think ‘Do-S chan keun Reflects myself, but It may have been a MISTAKE”…. “I’ve experienced various things for a year, recharging myself, meeting different people. I’ve Come to think that I have to grown up more and more”

    we will always support him.

    thank Tenshi.


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