[Video] Video Promotion – 2015 JKS live in Shanghai

Credits: Weibo 热音演唱会大神, uploader

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5 thoughts on “[Video] Video Promotion – 2015 JKS live in Shanghai”

    • Sukkie’s doing of series of concerts one after the other just reinforces how much he loves music – performing live right before his loving Eels.

      Moments of inter acting with them up close is something priceless and cannot be equalized and will he forever cherish…

      Too bad that acting projects have to take a back seat and be put on hold in the process. But hasnt he somehow hinted that there is soon to be one drama in the offing? Its been a while now Sukkie and every eel is very anxious and getting restless to see you back as – Actor Jang 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1. Hi,Baby,
    I read a post by an eel somewhere that talks are being made for a Korean adaptation of a Chinese drama, partly historical. I do not have a way of verifying this, but let us pray it pushes through.
    Greetings from London.

    • Yes i knew it big sis (this month being your Europe tour). Just cant remember the exact date thats why neither could i call nor text. Anyway, have a fun filled holiday ate Margie 🙂

      And yes too to Sukkie’s soon to be drama comeback.

      We can only hope that This Is It ……..


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