[ENG-SUB] JKS_ message on live in Shanghai concert

English translation: Wen Lee,
Timimg: saad JKS’s eel; all from ECI

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8 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] JKS_ message on live in Shanghai concert”

  1. – its almost the last day (25th Sept) of your birthday season as numerous blessings keep on coming your way……. Isnt that really a lot to be grateful for! Great rewards for your hardwork, drive and commitment – more reasons for your special day celebration, Sukkie – Cheers!!!

    The recent Seoul concert has been a huge success that did it not only drew attention from the chronically supportive international Eels but also from your dear homeland Korea no less. They must be starting to realize there’s certainly no way they can ever ever put a good man down – not with your kind of calibre – definitely not our Sukkie.

    Sukkie whose very Authenticity, Humanity and Smile have continuously endeared him to his precious Eels. Anyone can tell that his being special a person and the aura he exudes are amazing combination that would always move and captivate all his gem-like eels from different parts of the globe.

    Well Sukkie, more success for you in the future especially on your concert live 2015 which has been eventually extended to Shanghai and Japan of course due to its impressive success itself…

    We love you, be safe and God bless always

  2. Ah yes, 9/26/15 in your part of the world. Thank you, dear fellow, for sharing your birthday marathon with all of us! It’s been wonderful fun to see photos and read FAs of all of the events. Please stay safe and continue to trust in yourself, and never, never doubt that you have our support and prayers for the very happiest of futures 😀

  3. Yep, happy birthday again! I´m so happy for you and so proud my beautiful man. Have a lot of fun and take care:

    You’re the meaning in my life
    you’re the inspiration.
    You bring feeling to my life
    you’re the inspiration.
    Wanna have you near me
    I wanna have you hear me sayin’:
    No one needs you more than I need you.


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