[fan-made MV] I will stay (with lyrics) vs Jang Keun Suk

Credit: Cri Lin

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7 thoughts on “[fan-made MV] I will stay (with lyrics) vs Jang Keun Suk”

  1. I especially like Lounge H performance. He was waving the big flag so earnestly even he was alone on the stage, just to make the audience excited…. I saw his professionalism from this attitude.

  2. I love to see him waving the J standard…he looks so passionate, proud and fierce.. he reminds me of the standard bearer of old times…holding the flag so the soldiers could know where the troop is at in the heat of the fight (in this case the show/fandom)

  3. Love this video with dramatic music and meaningsful lyrics. “I will stay with you trought the night…believe in your vision… I will hold your hand with all my love…” It´s like a more poetic way to say “I´m always on your side”.

    The last part when Suk is waving the flag is really poweful.

  4. Yes the lyrics are very appropriate! I don’t know who sings it but the music almost has a bit of a celtic sound… reminds me of Loreena McKennitt somehow. And with him waving the Tree-J standard that way… well it reminded me of the way they’d gather the clans for fighting. Getting the women & children inside the castle walls enabling them to protect them easier.
    Some things are universal. JKS is Eel’s leader… and it is not surprising that we should want to rally to his side. Even if the fight is not a physical one… emotionally, we shall always be by his side.


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