[2015-07-24] bigbrother_brothersrecords Instagram

Original source: bigbrother_brothersrecords Instagram
I wish I would go out for fun.. #In reality I’m at studio #You’re going for fun alone
나도 놀러가고 싶다고..#현실은작업실 #너만놀러가냐

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31 thoughts on “[2015-07-24] bigbrother_brothersrecords Instagram

  1. He is working very much in a new music. So sad. So go to having fun. Today is Saturday take your time and had fun. OurBB missed his friend. They are a great brothers.

  2. Bb is a busy producer.he’s not just working for team h..he had produce many music including beast if I not mistaken. Is that mean they are no new team h album?

      • Yes..at least the photo make me curious. Maybe bb just want to express to take him too.kkk..even I dont like suk being silent now..still hope he can enjoy his me time before he become busy again.

    • I think Team H will come back. Thay never said they won´t. They are good together.

      Sukkie looks so happy in photos from Hawaii. BB is just kidding,I think. This is very suitable photo: “We are Team H. Take me with you to the Wonderland (Hawaii)” Lol 😀

      It´s possible that they will start to work together on something soon too. Maybe BB can be a special guest when Sukkie syngs “Driving to the highway” and “Beautiful change” on CS3 in Seoul. 😉

  3. lol… Poor BB! I bet Suk updated him with all those envying pictures of him having fun in Hawaii. Haha… I do hope for a Team H Comeback later this year or early next year. Can’t wait to have fun with both of them! <3

  4. Bob, so you dio miss my Sugar Prince as much as I do. Who would not miss him, without his messages for a few days we feel uneasy, right?

  5. I miss both so much! They really form a TEAM! Pass this summer and they haven’t sang together … Probably they know what to do but ….I know that our Prince feels so free and happy when he sings and especially with BB!

  6. hi tenshi, how do you know that bb grow up in US? its really hard to find about him.he has a really secret life. i like to more about him just like our prince. can you tell about him please??i know this blog is only for prince but i like to know more about both team h members..

  7. Hello, sorry to comment here but i don’t know where else i could ask. I’m going to Hokkaido this year and would like to visit the shop where Suk and Yoona had the curry dish in Love Rain. Could anyone tell me what shop is it and the address? Many thanks!!

      • Hi Tenshi!

        The consistently amiable our dear Tenshi who is always there not only for Sukkie but for his Eels as well – such a solid support system notwithstanding her busy schedules…

        I miss your responses to my endless Sukkie questions every time that need arises
        no matter how seldom they are… And Kailey ( i hope i got the name right) who is one of the first among those who gave me a warm welcome in locating this homey space… I really wish that someday i get to finally meet you people. Please allow me to make special mention to the rest of the hardworking team namely Farina, Wen, Hazy…. My apology if there are other names i miss ( my very poor memory recall).

        I have one particular question, though – how come you ladies dont post your sensible comments here any longer as you used to back then??? I have been reading your lively exchanges way earlier when this gem like blog was still quite new and just starting. That was really a lot of fun and entertaining reading all your girls talk and stuff. Cant you possibly be more active again? 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Have a pleasant night to all!!!

  8. i’m a huge fan of you jang geun suk…you gave me hope in the hardest time of my life…i just want the best for you to happen…
    thank you for everything…you reminded me why i started playing piano at fist place…

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