28 thoughts on “[Fan Account] An Australian eel Jill’s journey for her first JKS, CRI SHOW III Budokan

  1. Jill, thanks for sharing your sweet fan account. Reading your FA, I could feel how you were on your first meeting with JKS. My eyes became watery when reading through your lively report. And personally I was so happy that I could see you in person finally. Let’s keep making our journey with him and eels from now on 😉

  2. what an amazing FA sis Jill Fuller. i really enjoyed reading it and i could feel your excitement, your love and your joy in watching his shows though there are parts that you made me teary-eyed. by just reading your FA, you made me feel how he also loves his eels and i am so grateful that he is the star i love. thank you so much for sharing with us…..

  3. Thanks Jill, for confirming what I already sensed (knew)… that JKS is our Golden Boy! The golden light that surrounds him keeps him strong and heals Eels hearts! Let’s always be together in the Sunny Spot of his golden light!

  4. Thank you Jill. I really feel amazing while reading your FA. Although many eels could not understand what Suk said in the concerts, but we can cross language and cultural barriers to sense what he wanted to say. Even we could not fully understand each line of the lyrics, we may cry in different moment, but we got almost the same feelings Suk expressed in each song as well as his emotion, facial expressions, body language…we were feeling so close to him.
    Crishow3 is like a poem written in emotion, beyond any language can express, but also because of that, we can be touched without any language.

    • Lezlyn sis… I agree with you.. Monochrome CS3 is presented like poems via emotion and Suk’s voice… really hard to explain in words as need visual/feeling senses to be triggered too…

  5. Thanks Jill for sharing your experience with our Golden Star ” Jang Ken Suk”. Your FA can make me feel like I were with you at Cri Show 3. It is confirmed to myself once again that he is “great and unique”. I am proud to be his fan and his eel. I will always support him.

  6. Oh my gosh, Jill! I was having trouble breathing while I read your account! You most definitely ARE a poet – thank you so much for making your experience come so very ALIVE for those of us probably never will have the opportunity to see him. Also, I’m a lot older than you are and I sometimes feel like I’m in the early stages of dementia because I’m so entranced by this young man. But your terrific descriptions of girlish joy are exactly what he brings out in me – and it’s so much fun to feel this way!

    • With such a prince we will not reach any stages of dementia.. he makes us feel alive. There are not many except maybe close family and friends who will makes us feel such deep emotions.. just want the best for him…give him all the luck and happiness in the world…just wanne hug him tight and comfort him when bad things are done to him. He is such warm being and worthy of our love and devotion because he is also full of love and devotions to his eels

  7. Jill sis.. you know I’m very happy to read your FA as it is amazing always to know how you overcome the difficulty to pursue a dream to go to Suk’s concert… all the way from Australia and with health conditions.. I have been through that as back in 2012.. I was hospitalised for some health condition but during recovering… I still want to go to CS2 then in 2012… you can imagine the difficulty I had to convince my family for the trips but I overcome that ^_^
    I felt better after each trip as it seems to give me the “zikzin” factor to move on and stay healthy.
    Now another eel can understand why we always say seeing Suk’s live stage with him singing live is so much better than those in recording studio.. he can bring you to his monochrome world and serenade you… it is very difficult for me to explain each time but now I’m glad another eel sister experience that personally with me and we can share our feeling… you can’t find that in any artiste as far I have seen…
    Hope Sukdrawal will not be too bad for you as the downside after seeing Suk upclose is this post event withdrawal…lol!

    • I feel with you QQ and Jill ..one reason why I had to miss out on this concert was that my family didn’t allow me to travel alone and since my guardian angel Melody could not travel with me I had to let go.. Like you I was also taken ill end 2009 ..after 3 years I was finally recovered enough to make a “pilgramage” to HK and Taiwan..
      When I stayed home I came to know Suk and was totally taken by him..took pictures with his standee of NR in Taipei and Macau..never had I dream it possible for me to be atone of his Team H concerts…which took place last year.. I agree with all who saw him in real..
      He emits light.. he is such beautiful being..his warmth can’t be contained nor dimmed by any mishap or ill luck ..
      Now I can’t wait for the DVD’s to be released



  9. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful experience with us, Jill. 🙂
    Your FA answered many questions which I have regarding Suk’s personality and charisma, his talent as a singer, his looks, his bond with eels, and the songs he sang while playing the guitar.. [yes, I also wanna be Wi Mary…hehe!]

  10. I seem to be bubbling-over with happy feelings from this post! Tenshi, thanks again and again for giving us a spot where we can share our thoughts and emotions like this – I really love jankgeunsukforever.com! And I really believe that Eels must be the sweetest, nicest people on earth! Everyone is so supportive not only of Suk but also of each other 🙂 It’s clear that long-distance friendships have been made through these postings, and that’s an especially nice thing for Eels who don’t live in countries where Suk is well known. Thanks to all of you who put my feelings into words much better than I could ever do 🙂 And a thousand thanks to Suk who has given all of us so much to love!!

  11. thank you for sharing I am from Israel and for sure understand your feeling of isolation . Like you I feel alone towards my adoration of this wonderful artist however he inspires me in my writing (I write a novel which hopefully to become a drama which hopefully he will accept to become the main hero )I learned from him the ZIK ZIN force even though I am much much older than him for that i thank him. Indeed ,JKS has a special aura that few people in the world are blessed with and maybe only special people in the world are attracted by and you and I and all his eels are like that.

  12. Thanks ss Tenshi for sharing and ss Jill Fuller,
    You have many beautiful words in your FA.
    Love Eels and Suk so much. Suk is lucky to have many Eels like you.
    I wish you good health and good luck ss.

  13. Jill I´m so happy for you and very grapeful for your wonderful FA: it’s like being there with you. Really thank you. I hope someday to have my own experiences. God bless you Jill, be in good health and be happy, I love you.
    JKS Zikzin!

  14. Thank you for this wonderful FA…
    Indeed JKS is such an amazing person, and yes her son although not a fan her son acknowledge him by saying he’s got talent. Yes he has talent a humongous one!!! I have so much respect for this guy indeed.

  15. It’s a great feeling to have read your FA ms.Jill. The journey you have been through just to watch JKS’ crishow is like a miracle and wonderful experience. I really love how you described everything in a poetic manner. It is full of emotion, love and happiness. It is beyond our imagination how JKS touched our lives even just a simple way. He is just a unique one. Thank you for sharing Ms. jill. and i hope you continue to live healthy and strong now. thank you also dear tenshi..

  16. Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience with us, Jill. It means a lot to us who didn`t have the chance to be there. Love the part about greeting at the airport very much too. I`m from Europe, and have only seen his concerts on DVDs. Hope to see it live one day too. Can`t wait the CS3 DVD. JKS is always the best. I wish you good helth and happiness. 🙂

  17. Thanks for sharing your FA, Jill! It’s such a pleasure to finally meet you in person and sat next to you on D2. You are an amazing eel <3! I'm glad that your 1st experience is already a fantastic one. I wish you more shows and happiness to come… and look forward to enjoying more shows with you, too.

    Thanks for posting Jill's FA, Kaori-chan. I am sad that I couldn't meet you up in person in Tokyo this time due to our clashing schedules :(. Anyway, I hope all eels will continue having this close bond and zikzin together with the Prince 🙂

  18. Thank you for sharing your FA with us!!!After reading your story I felt Like I also was there 🙂 I’d love to go there too, hope one day every eel could meet JKS personally 🙂 ZikZin!!!

  19. Thank you for sharing your amazing FA,and thank you also tenshi for all your hard work. You all show such pure love and support for him and each other..it’s impressive. He is so lucky to have kind and truely beautiful people like you as his eels.

  20. Thanks Ms Tenshi,thanks Ms Jill Fuller after reading your FA I can’t stop my profuse tears for all of your experience with our beloved Princejks,I keep continue reading with all responding from all eels and I do believed your describe that our JKS like gold chain to links all our EELS heart together with his heart,thanks again for this amazing experience.

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