[Pic] JKS with his hairstylist_20150423

This photo seems to have been taken before the final stage of Shizuoka CRI SHOW III, April 23rd.

Original source: soonsoohan Instagram

2015 Jang keun suk The crishow3
Performances in Japan finished nicely!
He always shows us in a cool way.
Let’s keep fighting till the rest of stages!
# Jangkeunsuk
# The crishow3
# Jang Keun Suk # Japan tour #CRI SHOW
# Shizuoka

2015 Jang keun suk The crishow3

일본공연 멋지게 마무리!
항상 멋진모습보여주고
남은공연 화이팅 합시다!
# Jangkeunsuk
# The crishow3

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6 thoughts on “[Pic] JKS with his hairstylist_20150423

  1. Sukkie is looking so reserved in this picture – a bit like a school boy to say the least?

    Again Tenshi would you know who these lucky guys with him? Is this fresh from the Shizuoka
    concert event?

  2. That man is Sukkie`s hairstylist. It says that he is a hair artist who works for Sukkie and some other famous people. I`ve googled a little bit. 😀


    I think he was with him in Osaka too. Isn´t that the same person?


    Thank you for always updating us, Tenshi. I really hope you will translate the TV-report and his interview from ShiziokaTV when you have time.^^

    • Thank you Zoe! Always readily have answers to my never ending JKS questions whenever our busy Tenshi is not available. Again thank you very much.

      Its also like you have vast resources as far as JKS day to day activities are concerned. Even providing related links just so a fellow eel no longer needs to go through the hassles of googling it – very unselfish trait just like Sukkie hihihi. How i wish i have the same sense of computer “techiness”. Unfortunately i am not ( oh no not at all). And that makes me appreciate even more having all you guys around….. You just dont extend your unwavering support to Sukkie exclusively – you actually support each other….. Great isnt it?

      By the way i heard youre such a beautiful lady yourself Zoe! Mana lang siguro sayo si Sukkie hehe

      • Thank you for your kind words, Baby. You´re welcome. I just love everything about Sukkie, and could talk about him all day. Hope I´m not too much.:D

        I only don´t understand what you mean by last 2 sentences. I wonder if you maybe confusing me with someone else. Is the last sentence in your language?

      • My pleasure. Thank you so much for translating the TV report about Sukkie in Shizuoka. You`ve made my day.^^

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