[Pics] JKS with Kim Jaejoong and friends_20150330

UPDATE: added more pics

Original source: june.shin1 Instagram


Original source: ibizakorea Instagram

Original source: luxxs4 Instagram

Original source: youkeun_jung Instagram

Original source: @Galssam2 twitter

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15 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS with Kim Jaejoong and friends_20150330”

  1. Military service is not the end. Thank you Kim JaeJong for his friendship and for keeping JKS company. I am sure their friendship will pick up after JJ’s military service.

  2. Im glad to see JKS together with them specially with jaejoong who is going to enlist this March 31st, surely everyone will miss their pictures together. Really like their pictures last night, cant help but to smile. This is what im expecting! kyyyaaa and im so happy 🙂 ~

  3. JJ is JKS’ neighbor and drinking buddy. He will miss his friend so much, especially when he is feeling down and needs somebody to talk to. Two years is such a long time. I feel sad for both of them.

  4. They was have a good time in JJ bye bye party. Wish to him good luck. Many blessings. Great for our lovely Prince for share with him. Thanks fir share those magnificent photos.

  5. hello, how do you do? i will miss you both with each other. sukkie plz be fine , i love you.
    could you please i need a favor if anyone knows an official facebook for Geunsuk, there are a lot lot of fb of name jang geun suk. i adore this person till death. thank you.

  6. thanks for sharing those photos,the photo which they are pretending of crying is cute and funny,haha. they will miss each other, 2 years is a bit long. goodluck to JJ,^_^

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