[Pics-3] JKS in L’inoui Korea

Linoui Korea continues posting old photos that JKS visited their shops.

Original source: linoui_korea Instagram


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14 thoughts on “[Pics-3] JKS in L’inoui Korea

    • That is right sis Adriana, Suk is always full of concentration and passion, he does not do half jobs..and everything has to be as real as possible..
      He doesn’t take things for granted nor as something natural..he wants to understand the job of others as to know how to appreciate things
      He is such grounded man

  1. sexiness overloads! it’s good to know that people or products which have collaborated with him still appreciate him to this extent 🙂

  2. I love to see him working seriously too. He gives everything whatever he does.

    The bag he making in the first two pictures is the bag he gave to the host of the show Sanma-no-manma in 2012. I´m sure you have seen it a long time ago. But I have discovered that video a few months ago, and have seen it many times lately. He is so funny, quick and adorable in that show. Hope we can see him in a japanese show again soon.

    • It’s too bad he doesn’t want to do too many of those shows..he is really good at it but our prince is someone who doesn’t want to repeat things too much he has so many ideas, wants to try new things as many as possible

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