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  1. Dear All, this is just another glaring testament how JKS holds his EELS Family so close to his heart……. Great JKS gesture for his great Eels!

    Have no idea what is meant by “not in good condition” (was he feeling a little bit sick considering the tedious Japan tours?) still he was there right before the eyes of his devoted eels…. Now how can you not love this very determined guy! Keep it up JKS…

    Stay healthy and God bless

  2. Further – stay being smart and grounded in pursuit of your STAR.

    Youve been up there for quite long to this date yet the hard work and perseverance never falter…

    A born achiever that’s our dear Jang Geun Suk

  3. it really a heart warming FA. I Am so proud to be part of zikzin family in far away land. but our heart is one for him.

  4. Extremely awesome !!! Such a heart warming story!! One of the few mega-stars who knows why he is a star and he keeps sharing his love for us, always. I so much wish I could have shared in that wonderful experience!!!

  5. His thoughtfulness still amazes me. Exhausted and not feeling well, but still has time for his eels. Such a warm heart. Beautiful inside and out. Very happy for the eels that experienced this. Thank you so much The Queen of Laughter (CRI-J Vice President). I enjoy reading your blog on naver. And thanks to Kaori and Hazy for the English translation.

  6. He leído sobre la humildad de muchas celebridades pero lo que hizo JKS sobrepasa toda acción que haya conocido de cualquier ídolo q tenga conocimiento. Esto me supera realmente!… Demuestra con hechos el cariño y agradeciendo a sus fans.Me encanta conocerlo cada vez más xq es una persona sin filtros. Auténtica!
    Me emociona x todas Uds q tienen esa posibilidad y q la transmiten para todas aquellas q nunca podremos si quiera ver un Show. Desde Córdoba, Argentina un gran abrazo! Ojalá supiera q aquí también tiene gente q vibra con su arte!!!

  7. Thanks Chris and I can’t hold my tears when reading this touching FA. Also thanks Tenshi and Hazy for the translation of Chris’ blog. Because of “crazy fan lover” JKS wanted to give a surprise to his lovely eels, I was so lucky to be on the same flight same Economy Class with him. I am proud to be Jang Keun Suk’ eel forever!

    • wow! you’re on the same plane at that moment? that was awesome! Uri prince is the best, he never fails to surprise us with his genuine sincerity. I wish I can see him personally someday..

  8. Oh, thank you so much!! I didn´t expect that you will translate that blog! I read it yesterday with google translater. Like much better your translation. 😀 I´m always grateful for your hard work. Thank you to The Queen of Laughter for this wonderful blog. 🙂

    So sweet of him to come. I can only imagine how everyone were surprised. I wish I could have been there. I have read that he made the name tag by himself, I mean that name tag he is showing in the pictures from the event. It says `”eels boss Jang Keun Suk”. 😀 So love our boss. 🙂

  9. just help me get this … So eels in Korea (?) were having a fan gathering and oppa showed up sudenly ? He was not supposed to show up there ? Help ^_^

    • Right. CRI-J is his official fan club in Korea. Oversea eels can be the member, so I think some are from oversea, but most of them are Korean.

      • Oh i see ^_^ so oppa should have been ao happy .. Its so good that there ate such events happening in korea for oppa so he can feel eels wormth in there n

      • Oh i see ^_^ so oppa should have been so happy .. Its so good that there are such events happening in korea for oppa so he can feel eels warmth in there not only in japan ^_^ thanx for answering dear 🙂
        I hope i can also register in the fanclub

  10. Thanks so much for translating. I enjoyed reading your FA, The Queen of Laughter. Thank you! 🙂 I can imagine just how shocked and later, how super excited these lucky Eels were when Suk appeared before their very eyes. Like @Zoe, I tried to read The QoL’s write-up of the event on her blog, but uncle Google wasn’t of much help kkk.

  11. He is such a STAR…the best most shining star..that is our OYABUN Jang Keun Suk. How can you not love him. Queen of Laughter I’m glad you lived to tell us the inside story of how beautiful this man is. Thanks to the undying love of the Korean eels… ZIKZIN
    Thanks Hazy and Tenshi as ever for your hard work muahssss

  12. Thank You so much for translating and sharing.. only I can say that Iam proud to be his eel and I’m proud of him he is such a sweet heart! I love him more!!

  13. Tenshi and Hazy and Queen of Laughter, thanks so very much for making this available to English-speeking eels! You make JKS come to life for us! Your faithful dedication to the hard work of recording and translating not only lets eels know a bit more about JKS, but also tells us that there really must be something uniquely special about him that makes him worthy of all that you do for him. Also, I never would have suspected that he wasn’t feeling well when those photos were taken, because those are some of the very best photos I’ve ever, ever seen of him. He must really mean it when he says that his eels provide him with nourishment and strength 🙂

  14. Thanks for sharing an unexpected person stop by “surprise” absolutely I will fainted loving him is a gift from God thanks our Princejks love you forever

  15. Agree with you cmroma. I maybe a newcomer to Sukieland but those images of him during this CriJ Family event are inarguably Awesome! Shining so so brightly despite too much exhaustion from working almost non-stop just to accomodate his loyal EELs by being with them and making everyone else happy…

    Credit should also go to the one who took these pictures who was able to capture that side of JKS on his unguarded moments spending precious time with his very loving EELs. Not to mention the ever supportive Tenshi and her team (can i call them that?)

    That distinct aura that radiates from within could be a reflection of his genuine concerns and appreciation to his EELs who have always been there for him every step of the way.

    well, just to sum it up – he definitely looked super duper great in this Zikzin gathering.

    Congrats to All !!!!!

  16. I love you, you love, me, we are happy family’s!!!

    Absolutely, it is my Sugar that always keeps us together. I just simply love and adore him.

  17. Can’t tell how much I appreciate the fact that eels share with us, their wonderful experience about our prince, it always gives me sensation of déjà vu Due to the true strong emotions and the passionate way they use to communicate us those FA .

  18. Thanks The Queen of Laughter, Tenshi and Hazy for this wonderful gift!
    This young man is special, unique. He made some time ago a promise that he will do everything so that we don’t feel ashamed to be his fans. He keeps his word, working hard every moment. He respects his fans as very few artists know how to do it. A fantastic gesture that made so many people happy! Those who were present and those of us who read about it. The eels that were present were like real queens! I’m sorry that a day has only 24 hours and I don’t get time to do as much for him. All the time I am pressed by idea that I don’t do enough for him …. Respect and love for Jang Keun Suk!

  19. thank you for sharing this great FA. This is so fantastic. I can’t imagine how eels reacted at that time when they first heard the voice of our prince on the dark. That was really a big surprise for everyone. He is so sweet and a very thoughtful young man. He is very kind to his eels, such a great person. It would be an honor to be part of ZIKZIN FAMILY. More love and support for our prince are our gift to him.. Zikzin family you are awesome. ^_^

  20. Oh!! My dear sukkie how much should I love u? How can you do all this? Travelling all the way in economy class, still smiling with this schedule. I wish i could tell you how much i respect u ? Oh dear God will always bless u with lots of happiness lots of love lots of success with long life and good health. Thanku all the eels for loving him so much that our star has become CRAZY FAN LOVER. No star can show such honest love for the fans. Hope some day i can see you my beloved prince… <3 <3 <3

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