JKS’s graduation was selected No.1 news in 2014 Hanyang University news portal

Original source: Hanyang University Facebook

[Hanyang News Portal 2014 Top 10]
Do you know Hanyang University news website? We selected the top 10 that drew people’s attention.

[No.1] Jang Keun Suk’s graduation : February 26th, 2014

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11 thoughts on “JKS’s graduation was selected No.1 news in 2014 Hanyang University news portal”

  1. A college degree is something no one can ever take away from you. 🙂 I love being a college student, but, I can’t wait to graduate from Ewha. That moment will be sublime, and you can see it on his face. 🙂

  2. We are proud of you and your accomplishments. We’re confident that you will continue with even more successes. Good luck in your next adventures. Congratulations graduate!

  3. Everything with his name attached will be well watch or read..
    We are proud of our prince.. despite busy with his career and running a business he managed to graduate from college..and like it’s not enough going for the master now!!…#ProudEelofJKS
    Love his smiles here…just student Jang Keun Suk and son of his proud family 🙂

  4. Aren’t we just so proud of him? He persevered until graduation day. And now, looking forward to his masteral graduation, it might take years again but JKS always finishes what he started.

  5. I´m glad to see that Hanyang is proud of Sukkie. Some other korean stars also got their diploma that day, but Suk´s graduation is selected as the no.1 news in 2014 anyway. Looks like Hanyang is on Sukkies side too. 🙂


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