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Finally TEAM H Party tour in Seoul is held today. I hope eels attending there will have a great time with him and BB. To those who can’t attend there live, let’s enjoy watching TEAM H archives ^^

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21 thoughts on “[index] Nico Nico channel TEAM H archives

  1. Thank you, Tenshi! I have just seen some photos of lucky eels waits in a line to get in. It´s already started by now. I would so love to be there. I know they have a great time now. Wonder which song they are playing right now. Fighting Team H!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. The concert er over now. I know that taking pictures and recording wasn´t allowed during the concert, but I hoped Tree J or Sukkie would send a picture on a twitter. It´s just silence this time. Did you hear something, Tenshi? Just want to know that Suk is alright. Hope that we will hear something about the concert soon.

    • This time we can’t expect any fan account because even he posted his message in FC website, it was revealed in public. This time we should respect Tree-J’s offer to protect him. I’m sure he had a great time with eels.

      • I agree, everybody should respect that. I didn´t expect any details. I was a little bit impatient. I have heard later that it was amazing and unforgettable. It´s enough for me. Hope Seoul Party will be on the DVD too. I have preodered both collectors and live. Just have to wait to the end of the March. 🙂

  3. the concert is over, i know prince JKS and BB had a great and fun moments there in concert. Wish i was there and witness the full blast of fun of the concert.congrats team h,thanks tenshi,
    can we watch it through the link you gave ms.tenshi?how to watch it?thanks again ^_^

  4. Thanks ECI for the timely change of banner. Lets all rally behind our prince and make sure he sails through the storm safely.

  5. Silence is the most effective weapon. No press releases – there is high risk which will take a lifetime to mitigate. Telling the story to fans is better and I have read how fans objectively defend Suk during this period to any negative and untruthful comments about him. Way to go! Keep it up eels, we know him better than anyone.

    • Yes , eels had done all what they could, by defending him and protecting him proudly. That’s why :
      We must encourage each other;
      We must to remain together and be united for always;
      For this time I will cheer Eels around the world (bcz I cheer only JKS hhhhh) 😉
      We are the best and the most sincere fandom.
      Eels fighting we love you all. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  6. I really want to see Sukkie so badly.. Any recent pic of him? I miss him so much.. 🙁 I hate how netizens who obviously doesn’t know him, bashed him like he’s the worst person ever.. it really tears me up reading nasty comments about him.. :'( I want him to come back and rise from this mess the soonest..

  7. Lulu : the concert was fabulous .. A-may-zing! he is just the best. I don’t like going to concerts but they made this experience so good. I hope to see him again in another concert.it was an unforgettable experience.

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