[ENG-SUB] (Trailer) Three Meals a Day Spin-off – Fishing Village ep11

UPDATE: Eng-subbed one (hard sub) is available (Dec. 29th, 2014)

Credits: tvN
English translation: Wen Lee, Timing: Hatice Deniz, Hard-sub: Soshemans KZ; all from ECI

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18 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] (Trailer) Three Meals a Day Spin-off – Fishing Village ep11

  1. Can’t wait to see! It looks fresh and natural. I love how JKS interact briefly in this trailer. Thank you Sis Tenshi for sharing! ^_^

  2. Lol hearing him laugh, you can’t help but laugh too!:D I wish I’m still young I will not mind at all to get stuck in an island like that with Keun Suk hhhh

  3. So windy!! … That dancing at the end was probably his idea. He always makes people around him dance. LOL Hope I will get a chance to see all the episodes with JKS.

  4. Wow how scary it is too windy ,thing dropping almost hit my PrinceJKS,oh my poor thing,I will pray for your safety back to your normal life,miss you and love you forever

  5. I think it will be fun to watch,it’s so natural!! I can’t help it not to laugh when Prince JKS is laughing. The moment they stayed there will not be boring,there are more funny moments. But I’m a little worried about the weather,the wind is really strong.. Hope they are all fine and safe..I will continue to pray for the safety of our dear Prince and all of his co-workers.. Just ZIKZIN PRINCE JKS!! ^_^

  6. Great fun, having an adventurous time with rough weather and minimalist life. My Sugar really enjoys this kind of life. This is another side of him that we now see and love him more and more.

  7. Thank you for the english subs! I´m always grateful for the effort you put in this blog. I have follow you since summer 2013, and I hope you will really keep doing this forever. Happy New Year to you Tenshi,to the other ECI members, and to all eels who visit JKS forever. Looking forward to his new solo album, hopefully a new drama, and everything else he will make us happy with in 2015. 🙂

  8. so excited to see him on tv *channel M here in the Philippines regularly, hayyyyy watch na talaga yan lagi, actually watching this show the farm vill episode. thank you for this opportunity, love u M NET, love JKS much. great shows 🙂

  9. Es genial JANG KEUN SUK, me encanta esta nueva miniserie que realizo Tres comidas al dia, mas bien parece como sobrevivir en las inclemencias del tiempo.

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