[Pics] TEAM H with female dancers_20141127

UPDATE: added more pics

tenshi_akuma’s note: These pics were taken during ‘Gold Digger’ ^^

Original source: http://instagram.com/hwangsunah


Original source: http://instagram.com/ezi.n
Screenshot_from_2014-11-28 08:56:50

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16 thoughts on “[Pics] TEAM H with female dancers_20141127

    • Hahahahha Sis Farina! I remembered that look of Sukkie when he was a judge of Tonyi Orange beauty pageant. I remembered that look when one of the contestants was so sexy and with very shortie shorts. And when he was asked to explain his choice, he said he liked the hotness on stage, and he was blushing hahaahahah… Well Suk is just a normal man…

  1. He has his little ponytail again!♥ So happy to see a little bit from a concert. Oh, can´t wait the DVD! Really hope that we can see the concert after broadcasting on TBS.

    No “Team H-attack” this time? They used to choose someone from the audience to dance with them on the stage during Gold digger.

    • They stopped ‘attack’ from the 2nd day of Saitama. They danced with female dancers, which made the audience satisfied. After the first trial in Nagoya, the attack time became a kind of comedy. We laughed a lot, but honestly it was not suitable for this hip-hop sound. In Osaka, instead of attack, they answered some questions.

      • It was a wise decision. Dancing hip-hop on a stage with Sukkie and BB in front of all that people is not for everyone. No wonder it was kind of funny. 😉

        Did you attend several “Raining on the dance floor” concerts? I hope you can give us more details, maybe write a FA when you have time. Always love your fan acounts. I still remember you FAs about Propose FM and Sukkies Zepp-concerts. 🙂

  2. I’m watching you’re beautiful again . Oh he’s the best . The film is the best . I can’t stop watching . My school exams are close . I don’t have concentrate .(*.*)

  3. He behaves like a normal man and looked where any other normal man would have looked …. ha ha ha ha ….. So don’t blame him … ha ha ha …

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