[2014-11-10] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

Although I managed to go to school, the lecture was cancelled………..
Thanks to that, I could have a personal interview with my professor..

기를 쓰고 학교왔는데 휴강………..이었지만 교수님과 한시간 개인면담..

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22 thoughts on “[2014-11-10] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. My Sugar is back to school. He has learned his life skills and social skills since he was a five year old baby. He went to many schools for his formal education. Now learning to know more and learning to do even more. A very wise choice of him to be working more in this career as a director or a producer. Wishing you all the best for your MA, my Sugar Prince.

  2. As a former teacher , I say having one oone talks with students was always beneficial to both the students and teachers. Wishing you the best in pursuing your masters. Taking your education to the highest degree in the chosen field is great. I know that you will accomplish this new goal well.

  3. oohh that was a great news prince geun suk, i know you can do it because you are very passionate on everything that you do and want to do. all the best for you prince geun suk.

  4. Geuk Suk is a down-to-earth guy. I guess he is a 事业心很有重的男人, 一有机会就提升自己. That is a very good role model for all. 🙂

  5. our price is no ordinary Hallyu star…he is already rich and famous,yet he does not rest on his laurels…graduation from college despite his busy schedule is already a great accomplishment…pursuing a masteral degree is something even greater…he is truly a great model for the youth…Koreans should be proud to have such an artist…this is why we so love our prince…we love not just his pretty face but his ideas, dreams and whole persona…he is such an inspiration to us..

  6. Just to see you graduate made me a teary eye, now taking a master degree makes us more proud of you, despite your status you remained grounded, I congratulate you parents for raising a child like you.
    Please take care of your health.

    I have written a song for you, I pray I can give it to you personally so you can sing it to your fans including me. 🙂


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