[ENG-SUB] Tongyi C Girl Pageant_20141024 (JKS part only)

English Translation : Hazy Lee
Video edit, timing & hardsub : Pei Pei ; All from ECI

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14 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Tongyi C Girl Pageant_20141024 (JKS part only)”

  1. i love to see this side of him sometimes. honest and serious..he looks so professional as a judge..love to see he’s so shy too..even blushed at some point.kkk..i wonder what he watched.he’s too cute like that.where is the wild and crazy keun suk in team h? well..i guess because he’s not drunk here.kkk..

    • I don’t think Suk needs to be drunk to be wild and crazy because it’s just for fun…..but as a judge he needs to be selective, critical and honest..but at the same time he enjoys what he sees..I’m sure some of the performances gave him reasons to blush..he is not watching this in a special club or some darkroom but in bright stage light…LOLLL

    • Isn’t he amazing as I always find he is a GEM in the entertainment industry… he can be a good actor, singer, director/producer, scriptwriter, song writer, music and dance DJ, radio DJ, host, MC, narrator and voice for cartoon, event organiser… etc….. and he always do well in each area… and I always feel that if he is not an artiste.. he still do well in any other areas due to his special aura and special personality….

  2. yeah..its the same thing happen when he did the sexy back dance.kkk..he did professionally back then..but now he doing it shyly..I wonder why…kkk…

    • I guess the main difference is sexy back back in 2010 was performed as an item.. but in 2014, sexyback is a request by eels now to see him entertain them… I was at the 2014 all sexyback performance in Seoul and China.. really he makes as laugh so much compared to 2010 as back them, he did all nosebleed… that is the main difference… So for this Tongyi, his role is a judge for the contest, so he is showing his shy side as one side of Jang Keun Suk himself ^_^

      • exactly..this show his level of professionalism. when he want to do it.he will do the best.work hard..play hard.i love this motto.kkk…

    • Other reasons I would like to highlight that back in 2010 when Suk was not a singer yet (he was as singer only from 2011 after he launched his first single albums “Let Me Cry”.. so from 2011 onwards, Suk sings all the songs from his albums mainly except only upon request, he will perform OSTs of those drama he is in..
      As far as I know from people with knowledge of the organising concerts in a country with copyright law enforced, every song sang or performed requires the performer to pay copyright so if a performer sing many other’s songs, he or she will need to pay the copyrights of the songs he is planning to sing.
      Normally in FM, most of the Korean would only perform a few songs on top of the chatting.. but for Suk, he already performed 10 songs each from his albums and OSTs besides he himself as MC for his own FM and introducing each item by himself… he has already spoilt his eels too much ^_^

  3. actually..its quite amazed me the fact he performed at tokyo dome with only a single album released. is there any other artist could do that?

    • Not as I have known as it is his first year of being a singer and I believe the youngest artiste to have a solo concert at Tokyo Dome concert and he was involved in planning the stage to implementation.. and even with his single album launched in 2011, he has broken the record held by a Japanese artiste for 30 years on Oricon chart for #1 on daily and weekly chart for the first single album. That is amazing even as he is also a foreigner to break this record.

      • YES Sukkie is simply AMAZING!! so professional at his short age hi is so witty and down to heart and humble, he is so mature for his age but at the same time he knows how to have fun. I love of that he does, he has his career well managed in a good direction. Singer, actor, director, dj, radio locutor with his own radio program, he is a hard worker and everybody can see that he really enjoys what he does and that he puts his hearth in everything he does. I love him
        With all my hearth!! God bless him always!!

  4. it’s because oppa is AWESOME!!!!! OUTRAGEOUS! 😀 clap clap clap! thats why us eels love him so much for he has everything that entertain and satisfies our cravings for entertainment.


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