[Pics-1] JKS at Tongyi C Girl Pageant_20141024

Credits: 黑人建州 (Taiwan Artist Chen Jian Zhou [Heiren]) Weibo

17src=”https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3932/15613390181_5a7a8c289e_c.jpg” width=”600″ height=”395″ alt=”64e22e91jw1elmlepcxi9j20qo0hkq5q”>

Credits: 戴军 (Chinese Artist Dai Jun) Weibo

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26 thoughts on “[Pics-1] JKS at Tongyi C Girl Pageant_20141024”

    • hi eel, i am happy to see him. just our sukkie!.

      during the C-girl tongyi, our Sukkie was closer and had more interaction with the Taiwanese artist than with shin hye.
      our sukkie did not pay much attention shin hye. 🙂 yeay!!! sukkie is the best! i love him.

    • Sukkie looks so handsome, radiant and perfect as always, he always looks so young. The models look beautiful, tall, skinny and fashion ….. but Park shin hye looks so fat and badly dressed next to the models, poor psh … and park shin hye face looks also like an ajumma.
      i’m sorry park shin hye fans. :(. park shin hye always looks much older than our baby sukkie.
      park min young should to be here. i miss park min young and sukkie.

      • SukkieKris, you have a right to your opinion and freedom to express it. Though, I personally believe that if you have nothing nice to say about someone, it is best not to say anything. PSH is well recognized in her line of work and in my opinion very pretty, cute, funny, with a beautiful smile, and JKS has often mentioned that she is very kind and amazing. Since, I don’t personally know her, I will take JKS’s words for it. As for her styling at this show, she was not competing, the models were. She didn’t need to look like the models as she was one of the judges and I think her styling was done keeping that in mind. As for who should be next to JKS. It is up to JKS. She is his best friend and has been for so many years. In the entertainment world, that is like lifetime. JKS thinks highly of her (as does JKS’s mother) and they have great respect each other. If PSH were to become “fat and badly dressed and an ahjumma and older” tomorrow, I think JKS will still love her and respect her. True friendships are not based on physical appearances. As you obviously love JKS, I would request you to show respect if not love toward the ones he loves.

  1. Oh, he is so cute! Thank you, Springsuk! Hope to see more of it. Hope to see it on a video. 🙂

    Is that crown maybe a prize for the C-girl?

  2. Relaxed, happy …. I’m happy to see him so !!!
    Looks great and they are beautiful both next to each other! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you Tenshi again for sharing! I can see Park Shin Hye by his side. Did they travel together? They look happy! I love them both!!

  4. Thanks for pic&info,the most lovable beautiful man in red,wow he so happy and relax playful like young kid loving all this pictures thanks again for sharing

  5. Oh my! After being away for two weeks and without any internet connection at all! Im so glad to see Sukkie with PSH. I missed Sukkie for two weeks… it feels like a year without any info about him. Hello to everyone!

    • Hello Christine! I noticed you were away. 🙂 2 weeks without Sukkie is a long time. Hope you have had some pictures and songs on your cellphone. 😉

      • Hello Zoe! Yes that was a looonnngggg time! 🙁 Gladly I have his songs and photos in my phone and laptop. I even downloaded some of his shows so I watched them everytime I missed him. 😉

    • Yeah… I couldn’t imagine too! That’s why as soon as I got of the plane, the first thing I did was to check my ipad and log in and visit this blog! Well… now Im back to the real world! lol!


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