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December 27, 2014 in Interviews, Press Articles by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

English translation: Hazy Lee from ECI, Edited by tenshi_akuma
Suk said, “I hope through this drama, to portray the actor in his 20s filled with lots of dreams, one who is full of energy and dares to go against the secular – that is JKS.”

Q: In the drama, in order to please the various women, MaTe showed various appearance, are you similar in real life?
A: Absolutely I will not resort to such means. Instead, I will not try to show my good side only, rather I will try to show my natural self, For example, I will show her my swollen face which people usually try not to show. (laugh) Then, I will gradually reveal my good side, too. Because if I reveal the good sides a lot from the beginning, she will constantly expect more, that is really tiring for me. (laugh)

Q: What if you gradually realize the girl is becoming closer to the type that you like?
A: That will be really great! Ladies should make effort in self-management, one who understands that will outshine others. I guess most people don’t really put an effort in that. (laugh)

Suk said, “I find myself looking around women who are disciplined and are broad-minded, not the kind who like to throw a tantrum, or would ignore and lose self-control when they get angered. Looks come first, then will take time to understand her inner beauty. I guess women are like this too. Similar to inner beauty, one needs to take note of physical appearance, too. Anyway, self-management is very important.”

Q: What is your target as the future image?
A: If I am now a red Ferrari, then I hope to be the classic Porsche which will still shine and remain polished after a long time passes.

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