[Fan-Made MV] Huang Taekyung and Jang Keun Suk are Beautiful

Credit: daalcom

I’m a huge fan of daalcom’s MV of JKS. Here is her newest work. Enjoy!

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26 thoughts on “[Fan-Made MV] Huang Taekyung and Jang Keun Suk are Beautiful”

  1. This is so cute!! Makes me want to watch YAB!! If only I can extend our semestral break HAHAHA I just finished Pretty Man, I just want to share. JKS is really an inspirational and such a versatile and intelligent actor of his generation. Good luck to your career Asia Prince!! Cheers from the Philippines ^^

  2. I only had eyes for Jang Keun Suk in You’re beautiful…it’s all about him…so full of expressions..no one else could have played HTK…
    He is handsome, beautiful, funny, cute and super Do S…
    Long live AP

    • All because of HTK! A very strong and super attractive character in every way. I´m an Eel because of HTK, that´s my truth hehehehe

  3. Oh my!! Those are my favoretest princes face expressions!!! I fell I love right there when I first saw him in one of my favorite korean dramas: “You Are Beautiful”. He got my heart right there!! And on that drama who remembers his ” duck lips expression”?? I love it!!! Thank you for the video

  4. Big thanks to Tenshi and Daalcom for this memorable video clip. Today is 5 years anniversary since SBS first aired the You’re Beautiful. WOW !!! 5 years has passed, wish our prince will ZIKZIN another 5 years, another 5 years and another…….

  5. Thanks for this video clips,alway love you’re beautiful the best drama,love his character HTK my best actor missed him so much can’t wait for his new drama

  6. The first drama that I saw was hong gil dong . But it was dubbed and JKS voice was very old . I love H.T.K carekter and JKS acting is always awesome . (*o*) . Seo Jun was perfect tooooo.

  7. HTK! Hyungnim! Oh my, I miss Hwang Tae Kyung and Go Mi Nam! The first JKS drama I saw was Hwang Jin Yi, but I got really hooked by HTK charm. I decided to be an eel after I watched YB, and got addicted to JKS. Thanks for the video! Have a good Sukkie night everyone!

    • Hyungnim means “older brother”. Don´t need to be a real brother, younger male calls a little bit older male “hyung” or more formal “hyungnim”. That´s why Gominam use it to address HTK. 🙂

      Can´t stop watching this video. I´m right back in my YAB-fase, I listen to Sukkis songs from YAB, and watch some YAB- parts over and over again. 😉 Love HTK when he is angry. 🙂

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