[Wallpapers] Lotte Duty Free Calendar October 2014

Original Source: Lotte Duty Free


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14 thoughts on “[Wallpapers] Lotte Duty Free Calendar October 2014”

  1. Sarah, thanks a lot for all these photos! Just wonder what is the next roles he will portray. It seems that he has maintained a certain image and maybe a particular character?

    • Yes..I think so.but still cant reveal yet.its october already.i hope we can see his acting this year..not next year.please..I love his look here.with his short hair..he could easily look handsome.

    • I’ve a feeling he has already accepted a drama offer. After Team H tour ends in late November, maybe he will start filming in December. Can’t wait for his new drama!

  2. Oh gosh so handsome, cannot get over with this man, and I don’t want to! Please Sukkie let us see you in another drama asap.

  3. Jang keun suk puts a narrow straight to my heart with his good looks! Yes I want to see him soon acting in a new drama. I miss him too! What ever happened to agent jang keun suk in japan??

  4. Gorgeous pictures, as always :). I wish him nothing but the best for each project he does… and if he needs to take a rest or a break, I do hope he’ll have the privilege to do so, too 🙂


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