[ENG_SUB] Chinese TV Report on Jang Keun Suk ZIKZIN RADIO Show in Seoul

Credit iQiyiTV
Translation : Wen Lee from ECI
Timing : Saad Al-otaibi from ECI

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7 thoughts on “[ENG_SUB] Chinese TV Report on Jang Keun Suk ZIKZIN RADIO Show in Seoul

  1. Thank you so much!!! πŸ™‚ You are so fast! I have just seen it on YT without english subs! It was really a great show. JKS is so witty. “Why am I doing this in front my grandmother?” LOL

    Looking forward to watch the whole ZZRadio in Seoul with english subs. I will try to wait patiently. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow! Thank you so much! πŸ˜‰ This makes me feel so energized early in the morning. Got so see some parts that I didn’t see in nico as well. i can feel the fans’ happiness and JKS greatfulness towards them that time. Thank you ECI! Hope to see the whole Seoul Zikzin eng sub. πŸ˜‰

  3. so amazing for Zikzin radio event to be shown on Chinese news!
    seeing these vids lessen my heartbreak for not making it into the list of attendees ^^
    oh how I love Sukkie’s laughter in this open recording! and specially his sexy back! i will never complain even if he turns 50 and still does it! lol! he knows that too! ^^ would he still have those biceps then i wonder. lol.
    thank you so much for the trans and share dear Wen, Saad and Tenshi! fightin’!

  4. Thanks for video clip with eng-sub,considerate person ,he concern about grandmother ,but is so cute for mini sexy back loving it,you are great entertainer my PrinceJKS

    • yes sis… his grandma, mum Jang and aunt were at the Zikzin radio FM also ^_^ That is why Suk told eels why asked him to do Sexyback in front of his grandma! lol!

  5. So sweet of him spending time with his ells ,that “sexy back ” made me laugh.that was awesome!!thank you for the

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