[2014-07-25] Jang Keun Suk LINE

Exercising 5 times a week, on a program…. Eels!! looking forwars to TeamH tour…Lol
To be either a Rambo or a Terminator…This is the result of u guys making fun of my belly…

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25 thoughts on “[2014-07-25] Jang Keun Suk LINE”

  1. Who laughed on your belly? hehehe… We love everything about you so no need to be consciuos about…. But we’re going to love you more with six packs! 😉 😉 😉

  2. We love your ponyo; we love every bit of you…
    but not too much is the key…
    not too much ponyo and certaintly not too much muscles…
    Not to much K packs..please!!!!!!!!!
    that looks so unnatural; too plastic fantastic

    • You have so right, Mamacri. We don’t need Rambo or Terminator. We don’t want BB no.2. 😀

      You don’t need to work out so hard, Sukkie. Eels look always forward to see you. 🙂

  3. Babe, I love your baby belly, I love your six pack belly as well. I just love everything that is yours, you face, your million forehead, your eyebrows, your eyes, your nose, your lips, your side burns, your hair, your neck line, your skin, your thin legs, you name them. How can I love a person as much as this? I must be crazily in love !!! ;P Can’t wait to see your here, there, everywhere in August. Thanks to Tenshi and the team who keep us crazy forever.

      • Thanks Amyli and Momo. We just want him to be healthy with lots of energy for his hard work and a train of tour concerts. We just love the thin, a little hunch back , tall and handsome Prince. We just love him the way he is. Baby white belly is to be kissed and nibbled by eels, Babe (in their dreams). Kkkkkk

  4. Kang Jajang, rambutmu jadul abis, badanmu keker g kuku.. hehehe

    Will you ever have your 2009-2010 body again?
    Whatever it is, fighting.

    • Lol Rham… Rambutnya macam dedek2 tapi badannya macam abang2 preman ya? Hahaha… He’s bringing his Kang Gun Woo’s arms back :p

  5. Sukkierambo or Sukkienator? Hahahahahahaha… Sukkie-ah, we honestly love your cute ponyo belly kkkkk… Nice biceps & abs would be a treat for us indeed but don’t overdo it :p. You are already sexy without being too muscled 😉

  6. Hahaha…..love his sense of humor 🙂 no wonder his eels adore him! No Rambo or Terminator please. Just a healthy & happy JKS 🙂

    • Alright… I got it… I’ll take back what I’ve said about him having six packs. We love him just the way he is so he doesn’t need it actually… Hahahaha… 😀 😀 😀

  7. LOL~! You’re so funny, Sukkie! You don’t have to be too muscular. I admit I’m now eagerly waiting to see your brand new killer body…hehehe. Bye bye Ponyo! 🙂

  8. Just crazily love this man because he can be so petty but at the same so Do S with a lot of humor…just love him foe showing how much he loves us

  9. suk ah..dont overwork yaa!!! sorry if some eels comment about ur belly and u feel pressured. actually..i dont like ur belly too but i dont hate it either because it urs.kkkk…fighting suk!! get rid of the baby belly.

    its funny to see him workout with that hair.seems like his current hairstyle dont fit with his body now.

    • I have to admit that last year I sent him a T shirt with the wording “Six Pack’s Coming Soon”. That was after the concert when he wore the tight red leather trousers and because of the shooting spot, his baby belly was clearly shown. I just simply love him and wanted to show my affection by teasing him. I hope he is not obsessive with this Rambo look. I do not like muscular man. They seem a bit brainless to me or probably I am brainless myself saying this. I just want my thin, tall, mischievous, witty, and extremely handsome Prince back.

      • LOLLLLL Sudie..love your remark…”I am brainless myself saying this” whahahaha.. I agree with you though…is just a feeling..not that it is true..but it always gives me the feeling that guy is far to busy with himself..
        I love my prince slim and flexibel mishievous etc too
        He knows how he gets the pond in turmoil…such Do S

      • I have to admit six pack wont suit him as much as slim and slender suk. Six pack is typical in korean man.i love to see suk as a diff korean man..I know he know it really well about his body and what image fit him the most.

        Sudie, many eels teased his baby belly.they even comment he sometimes looks like two or three month pregnant.thats why..kkk…I found eels and suk bond is really something that we should be proud of.there’s no other artist like suk in this world..I might say.

  10. Every Breath You Take
    Every Move You Make
    Every Bond You Break
    Every Step You Take
    I´ll Be loving You.

    Every Single Day
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