[Pics-4] JKS returned from Osaka to Korea_20140111

Original Source: HICRI
From the photo srouce:
Please, Don’t re-edit.
Please, Don’t Re-upload on youtube.



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14 thoughts on “[Pics-4] JKS returned from Osaka to Korea_20140111

  1. great pics! Sukkie is just so handsome specially in the last frame! i am instantly happy with that laugh! thank you for sharing these ^^

  2. Oh, JKS, please do not smoke. It’s shriveling your lungs! He is too, too handsome to damage himself. And I did so enjoy “Pretty Man” – he is just inimitable! Dena, U.S.A. fan from Seattle

  3. PRINCE Please,please dont smoke.It is bad for you and those around you.(personally i cant belive that i *like*a guy who smoke.but he`s so cute and had me from that GO MI NAM..)

  4. JKS you Rock!!! You are the best. You look good in any outfit, hairstyle especially with that laugh so cute!!! You are one of a kind!!!

  5. The only thing i don’t like about him is that he smokes…
    I hope he will really stop smoking, it’s bad for his health..
    I wish to recite what Kim Byul said in the movie “Baby and I” and grab his
    cigarette.. hee hee..

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