[ENG/ SPANISH-SUB] ZIKZIN fes. Tokyo (Aug. 24th) on Nico Nico Live

UPDATE: Now Spanish hard-sub version is available, too ^^
UPDATE: Now hard-sub version is available ^^

English translation: tenshi_akuma
*JKS stage ~Indian Summer~

Spanish version

*TEAM H stage ~Electrical Summer~

Spanish version
Spanish version

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19 thoughts on “[ENG/ SPANISH-SUB] ZIKZIN fes. Tokyo (Aug. 24th) on Nico Nico Live”

    • I don’t think soft-subs are available on a regular mobile phone feature. It’s better to access via PC. I’ll upload hard-subbed version in a couple of days and delete these soft-subbed one. Please wait for a while.

      • Thank you very much. That’s very kind of you. I do appreciate your efforts. I visit your blog every day. It’s my main source of information about Sukkie. And it’s not just the info but you explain many things too which is very helpful, especially that I live in the UK. Thank you once again and all the best.

  1. I watched the both video before it subbed, even though I don’t understand what he said in Japanese but I felt he is a very communicative person and always want to get close to his eels. Still without the subbed, I really enjoy both performance. And thank you so much for uploading the subbed version, I really appreciate it. I will wait for a while and download the hard subbed. Thank you so much Tenshi.

    • OMO…my heart just sank seven miles into the sea….I know it’s inevitable but to read about it this early in the morning is killing boehoehoe
      I’m not prepared yet….and I’m just an eel…what about his parents…there only child.. I know Sukkie think it’s an honour but he’s doing good work already..but saving so many of us.. : )
      At least this year it won’t happen

    • I don’t think it means he’ll go to military so soon. I read this article just mentioning the list of artists who haven’t joined the military yet.

      • Dear Tenshi, I really appreciate your time and effort doing a lot of things for the international eels. I don’t know how to say thank you., just ran out of words.

    • I also just read about it. I really hope its not too soon. I am still hoping next year I will be able to attend one of his live performance wherever he is. However this is something inevitable. We just wish n pray for his best.

  2. Every Korean male citizen has to go to the army. Being a celeb doesn’t get you out. They usually serve between 18-29 you have to go before you’re 30 or you get arrested or frowned upon.

  3. omg tenshi, i am beyond grateful for all your efforts to hard sub these vids which i rely on every morning to start my day inspired, now it will be even better. may u always be blessed! thank you!

  4. thank you for your hard work to translate this 2 videos ,its great feeling to understand him ,to enjoy with him ,to laught with him ,to feel him more close ..its important understand a person what hi say ..thanks with all my hearth .

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