[ENG-SUB] BTS of “Nature Boy Birthday Countdown”event_20130531

Credits: Koyakko@teamblue

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15 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] BTS of “Nature Boy Birthday Countdown”event_20130531”

  1. JKS is just so special. He has his own attractive charms that no matter what he did or say before the audiences, it’s just so JKS! Uniquely his style where it is so naturally presented bc he has nothing to hide and that’s why he can be at ease with everyone. Where can you find such an open, free spirited and upfront artiste! Only JKS can! cos its the JKS STYLE!

    Love this BTS, he is so witty, mischievous, handsome and manly! Somehow, his long hair makes him look sexy & wild. He can carry any hairstyle or fashion carefreely!

    The more you listen to Nature Boy/Indian Summer, it seems catchier and you just wanna listen again. Save me is not an easy song to sing but when JKS sings with sentiments, you can be drawn to it. There are many other wonderful songs in this album. JKS’s voice is enough to captivate you! Nature Boy album probably is an album to be digested slowly.waiting for this album to arrive by shipment from Yesasia!

    • So right on, Lynn! I agree, he is totally unique & in a class of his own and you can’t help but love and admirr him for daring to be himself. Not all artists can be like that. I also agree with you re the Nature Boy album, takes to sink in coz the genre is very different from his previous albums but when it does, you’d want to listen to the songs over & over again. 🙂

  2. this is enough..i miss the your previous style…i will forget you…gosh i dont know how many times i said that to myself but still i cant stop myself looking for any single update about him i feel that my day wouldn’t be complete without him…now i’m dicided……i will support you….to all eels here, can i join you?

    • At times I wonder the same thing. Who and what are you Jang Keun Suk that you have this effect on people. I think Lynn said it right, JKS has a strong magnetic pull. But this was not your finest hour. Zikzin. Remember who you are. SLC

  3. He interaction with his fans is really wonderful. He’s talking and teasing them so casually. They understand him and he comfortable with them.

  4. Many thanks for translation. I’m very touched by this video. You can see Sukkie tried his best to perform and interact with fans, even he was not in good condition. Those terrific eels said “Thank you (in Japanese)” when Sukkie finished the second song. I think they were moved and satisfied….and then Sukkie came out and sang the third one! Sukkie always cares for his eels.

  5. Thank you so much Tenshi.

    The first time I watched without english subs and without understanding what he was saying, I was already moved to tears by his facial expression and tone of voice. After watching it with subs, love him even more.

    I’ve watched him sing Turn Off in this video clip 3 times – and I was moved to tears all 3 times.
    Do not want to image how much I will be affected if he was singing in tip-top form.

  6. hi Tenshi … can u help me i just want Eng Sub File without video for Nature Boy birthday countdown 2nd … plz help me


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