[16.01.2013] Tree-J staff twitter

I take my way I belive in.
나는 내가 믿는 길을 간다

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2 thoughts on “[16.01.2013] Tree-J staff twitter”

  1. 20th years in showbiz is not easy achievement but because of your hard work and dedication of your work you deserve it, but always remember that the journey of your life being a star still continue and it can’t never be stop as long that you want it.Another years come and new trials comes ahead, we really don’t know what the future’s bring but I have faith that you still stand no matter what my sky JKS will more brightest for the coming years come, good luck and take care your self always

  2. I love this photo. It seems like he couldn’t believe what the Japanese Eels did and was just realizing and taking it all in by looking hard at the airship. His face is hidden but I have a feeling his expression at that moment was one of happiness and disbelief. The way he stood speaks volumes.


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